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Thread: Does anyone hate their male parts

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    thanks for all your reply's It make me feel more normal,Iv always hated my maleness even though some good has come from it , like my beautiful kids.I have attempted self mutilation many years ago but decided to stop, I do wont to live.I thought i was the only person in the would that had these same thoughts.

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    If only I had a magic wand, everything would be gone.

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    --terry terry--- alas i almost can not stand to go anymore. after the surgery, (not a sex/gender change thing) it was a cancer operation. things just are not the same. just does not want to be there any more, tucking is not even needed...anymore.

    i guess i need to see a shrink.


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    Great topic... I have never, ever felt like my male parts belong. I recently gave my therapist an illustration of how I feel: if I were involved in an auto accident and I awakened in the hospital to the news that the doctors had to totally remove my male parts, I'd be sooooo happy.

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    I was going to respond as I really do not like my male parts but after talking to my therapist today, she reminded me that they do recycle the male parts during SRS. So the only mistake GOD made was making it an "Outie" not an "Inie" which will be hopeful fixed some time in the future.

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    Because I have deep emotions that I should have been born female, yes I am not overly fond of those hideous looking things between my legs and they often get in the way sometimes they even get a little hurt when I am doing my complete full femme (tuck'em away) routine. I know I am not alone here, but I can't tell you how many times I went to bed wishing I would wake up to see this cruel trick that was played on me forever corrected. But then reality sets and the male genitals are still there. I wish it would happen more often but I remember a few dreams I had where I actually had a vagina and they were incredible dreams. I wish I knew how to trigger more dreams like them. I have tons of cross dressing dreams, but detailed dreams where I actually have a vagina are few and far between. :/

    With all that said, as much as I dislike the buggers, when I do play with them they do give me temporary pleasure so it's nice to know they can still do their job. I may not be the gender I feel I should be, but I must acknowledge the gift of life.

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    When I was really young, I would pray to God to give me girl parts. I never really liked anything visibly male. Even on T.V. shows like I Love Lucy, I hated when Ricky would undress his male body looked rough and stinky.

    I still get feelings of disconnect with my masculinity. I was buying razors today and passed the female shaving section which was pretty only to see the male section next to it with some hairy dude shopping. In that simple image the contrast of what I identify with hit me again.

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    Hate it you ask ?

    Nah.....I Loved it so much that I had it cut off & bronzed !
    It makes one hell of a conversation piece when displayed on the mantle.....LOL

    [SIZE=2]I really do have the...Right To Be Wrong.. [/SIZE] [SIZE=2]and my mistakes will make me strong![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Just call out my name...and I'll come running... just lovin classic JT again...[/SIZE]

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    I've always wanted to be seen as, and present, as a woman. As you wouldn't normally run around with everything on display, they've never really bothered me.
    However, the further down the road i go, the less i like them. I will be pleased to see them gone eventually.

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    What i hated & yes its the strongest word is having to wear any male clothes no matter what they were & my Mum knew that .
    When Jos & i were to gether she all so knew that.still are to gether, they like most did not think i was a woman how would they . As to body parts what was needed to be a woman was there in waiting after having children . the butterfly has emurged as a woman.


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    I wish one day i wake up with big breasts and a gorgeous pussy.
    [SIZE="2"]With Love, Neha Shetty[/SIZE]

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    I dont hate my male parts ;just wish that they weren't there! This includes not only genitals but masculine body and facial hair

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    I dislike my male bits, but it what I have. So i make the best of the situation.

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    I figured I would chime in here. It's still nice at 6 in the morning to be able to stand up to pee. Other than that, I find it more that my anatomy gets in the way than it being something I hate. Would be nice to not have to take anti androgens anymore so that is one other irritation.

    Someday I will make up my mind about SRS but until then, it's just a vestigial limb of a bi-gone era... much like the coccix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie Anne View Post
    It's still nice at 6 in the morning to be able to stand up to pee.
    Maybe I'm stupid, but I've never seen the attraction in that.
    Check out this link if you are wondering about joining Safe Haven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rianna Humble View Post
    Maybe I'm stupid, but I've never seen the attraction in that.
    Me neither... The only times in my life I ever stood up to pee was if all the stalls were taken in a public bathroom and I couldn't wait any longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bree_K View Post
    Me neither... The only times in my life I ever stood up to pee was if all the stalls were taken in a public bathroom and I couldn't wait any longer.
    This is exactly what I was going to say. Bree you captured it perfectly.

    As to the more general question I would note three things:

    a. never hated them, and they gave me three lovely children (now all grown). The bits just are;

    b. Have been trying to hide them with tight underwear since in my 20's; and

    c. the bits bring with them many very disturbing attributes that I could very well do without them.

    I try to ignore them.....
    "Never forget the many ways there are to be human" (The Transsexual Taboo)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexia Elliot View Post
    ........... I would give it up in a minute for exchange of unmistakable female body but haven't gotten any offers yet :-)
    Alexia I agree 100%

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    If any of you ftm's want mine they are available and I will gladly trade you. Nice information about using women's bikini swim bottoms, I must try that.
    I really have no problem with regular bikini cut or high panties though. Yes I would be most happy to have that stuff all gone. But it is not keeping me from being the woman I am all the time.
    [SIZE=2]Ascended Ancient[/SIZE]

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    Now that this has set for a little time , Just wondering if there is any new info on the subject

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loni View Post
    what would you call a cross dresser that would like them gone. but wants to still be a man in a dress??
    Seriously disturbed! No I'm just kidding. Being TG is nothing if not complex.

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    I have to say that I do not care for them at all, and will be delighted when they are gone, gone, gone.

    I have had very little use for them in my life, as it always felt wrong, and like one of the earlier posts, they are all tucked away. I shall be do delighted when I don't have those things hanging down there. I think they are the ugliest things I have every seen.


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    I find my male parts GROSS, GROSS, GROSS.

    I fantisize about them being gone.

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    Hello, I dislike my male parts though they did help bring about two responsible adult children. The more I talk with my therapist and discover who i really am a lot of things in the past make more sense.
    Why, even in my teens did I have problems with erections?
    I always like kissing and performing oral sex but intercourse was something I think I did because it was expected of me.
    I have never been on HRT before but everything is shrinking, fine with me, also fine with my spouse who was abused for many years as a child.
    Even when I do get an erection I have little or no sensation.
    My therapist once said it was possible I was a transgender lesbian, which I said fine, but what do I do with this thing?
    Years ago I would get so frustrated and/or confused I would hit myself really hard down there...and then cry.
    I never visited this area of the forum much because I did not know if I belonged? But what is said here is very relevant a lot of times to my feelings.
    The world is hard enough without trying to live as someone you are not. Charlena
    May the stars carry your sadness away,
    May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,
    May hope forever wipe away your tears,
    And, above all, may silence make you strong.

    Chief Dan George

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    I tried to sell mine but I found the going rate was by the inch, I would have had to pay to have it taken away. I saved money having it made useful.

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