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Thread: Regrets namely you name.

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    You know, it is funny. I read in the earlier posts people ripping into parents that wanted to give their children unique names. The view seemed to be that this was an abhorrent behavior. What about naming your kid after yourself, is that not kinda messed up too?

    As far as the unique names, hasn't anyone ever realized that ALL names at one time were "weird" and "odd". That is all names, from John to Zed.

    When I hear or read talk like what I read here, I just wonder why people limit themselves so much.

    My friend's name is Adriane. Her name when translated to its actual language is something along the line of Dark pool, or something, yet Adriane is a common name in the Western World.

    In my case my name is time a child in my family received the name I have. I am named after my father, and consequently had to go through school with the suffix JR. at the end of my name. This was yet another thing that was an object of derision for the bullies to pic on.

    I would like to change my name to Pythos, but I know how odd that would be with how old I am. The paperwork with the FAA would be a nightmare as well.

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    Don't worry Karren. I will never tell. You know too many family secrets! WINK

    I had no problem with a name. It was on my tongue in a flash. No changing it. When in elementary school...I used my middle name because I didn't like mine. Named after my father. I love him, just wanted my own name.

    I have a picture of a tombstone with EAB on it. The young girl died early, about the time I was "born". I take it as a sign.

    Living with a heel in each world.

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    I chose my name from what was once man now becomes a woman.

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    [SIZE=4]That is one thing I have never regretted, my name. I chose it and I have nurtured it for over 40 years and I now feel pretty comfortable with it. That, and everyone I work with calls me Tami or Tamara..[/SIZE]

    I am a licensed Cosmetologist (hair stylist, not cosmonaut), work as a hair and wig stylist, makeup artist and permanent makeup artist, dressed as you see in my avatar and albums.

    My web site

    I have over 2,500 pictures on my Flicker site located at

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    Changed mine a while back. I used to be Lily around here. Now, when anyone yells "Charley", I look around no matter how I'm dressed. Makes my life simpler.
    BTW, Karren, I know but I ain't tellin'!
    Comfortable in my own skin.

    "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity, and never cease to be amazed by it!" Lazarus Long

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzanneBender View Post
    ...a name that fits my external appearance... For my own reasons I chose Suzanne. Hint-thank you James Taylor. I like my name. I really do. However, there is a bit of regret. Names are supposed to be chosen for us... I guess having a loved one pick your name is one of those experiences that people like us miss out I making to much ado about nothing
    Um...yeah. Suzanne's a pretty name. And ooh lala it's French!

    [SIZE=2]Suzanne takes you down
    To a place by the river
    You can hear the boats go by
    Spend the night forever

    You know she's half crazy
    but that's why you wanna be there
    She feeds you tea and oranges
    That came all the way from China

    And just when you want to tell her
    That you have no love to give her
    She gets you on her wavelength
    And she lets the river answer
    That you've always been her lover

    You wanna travel with her
    Wanna travel blind
    But you think maybe you'll trust her
    [/SIZE] [SIZE=2]She's touched your perfect body with her mind (J. Taylor)[/SIZE][SIZE=2]

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    No, I cant say that I have any regrets about my name Karen, I was the one that picked it & I did so because I admired my God parents daughter so much when I was little, I loved being around her & wished I could be just like her because she was so beautiful & feminine..hell, I used to wish I was her!!!

    But before I went ahead & did my legal name change, I had 1st asked my Mom if her & my dad had a girls name picked out before I was born to be ready either way, but she said no, they did not & did not even come up with my male name until the day after I was delivered.... So that was a bit of a disappointment hearing that because I would of been perfectly willing to give up my persona name of Karen that I used since the age of 8 in order to take on a girl name that my parents would of given me if there was one..(it would of been so cool to have what would of been my original birth name as a girl)

    So,,,, Karen it stayed and is is my Legal name plus my new middle name to (since Karen bruce just wouldn't sound but kept my last name (which btw is not really At school, many call me by my middle name (which is not

    The only one that has a problem with my new legal name is my sister, because her daughter is also named Karen, who is also not happy with me, even though our middle & last names are totally sister & niece told me that had they known when my name change court date was, that they would of filed an objection to it...but I really doubt the judge would of denied my request because of their reasoning...
    Anyway, my name created a rift with them...But hey, it's their problem really, not mine because it's so stupid when you boil it down for what it is......I was like I'm sorry, but your not the boss of

    [SIZE=2]I really do have the...Right To Be Wrong.. [/SIZE] [SIZE=2]and my mistakes will make me strong![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Just call out my name...and I'll come running... just lovin classic JT again...[/SIZE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    I actually like my birth name. Not a lot of people have it and since Karren is made from that name... I figure my parents chose 5/6's of my femme name which is pretty good!! Lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by dilane View Post
    Ok, Narek? Rarek? Arren? Krane? My head hurts!
    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    Sooo close. Lol.
    [SIZE="4"]Ooh, ooh I know!! Well, you have mentioned it on this forum before, Karren. [/SIZE]
    Last edited by DonnaLynn77; 11-04-2010 at 12:00 AM. Reason: Second thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaLynn77 View Post
    [SIZE="4"]Ooh, ooh I know!! Well, you have mentioned it on this forum before, Karren. [/SIZE]
    I never saw her mention it before, but my guess would have be .............. Darren

    Am I close ???

    [SIZE=2]I really do have the...Right To Be Wrong.. [/SIZE] [SIZE=2]and my mistakes will make me strong![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]Just call out my name...and I'll come running... just lovin classic JT again...[/SIZE]

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