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Thread: Columbus Ohio Crossdresser Academy?

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    Columbus Ohio Crossdresser Academy?

    Would anyone know if the Columbus Crossdresser Academy is still in business? They used to have a website and offered many listings on EBay, but the website appears disabled and I have not been able to locate any recent EBay listings. I believe the couple was Briana and Brandi, and they seemed like a great couple working hard for the benefit of the community. Kelli

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    I've heard it all now. The Columbus Crossdresser Academy ???

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    I didn't realize I was so funny. Thanks for making my first post to this forum so welcoming.

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    I did a Google search and it appears that they might not be around anymore. I did see a few links that were old. Try a Google search and read what little there is on them. Hope that helps.

    And BTW, welcome to our forum. Please do not stop posting because of one answer that offended you. Honestly, I don't think that was the intent. You will find most everyone here to be very friendly and supportive.

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    Welcome to the forum Kelly. I do not think that Jennifer meant any disrespect, just a lite comment, which we all do here no and again. It is a cool name for a business though. I think someone may be able to answer your question here eventually. There always seems to be a member here who remembers just what we are looking for. In the meantime enjoy your stay, get 10 posts and you can private message (PM) other members and also get access to other parts of the forum. There is a lot to read here. The search function actually works and there is a wealth of helpful hints all over the place. You may want to give us all a brief introduction in the new member area and get your proper welcome like the rest of us have received when we joined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllieSF View Post
    Welcome to the forum Kelly. I do not think that Jennifer meant any disrespect, just a lite comment, which we all do here no and again.
    Yeah... We have thick skin here... lol

    I remember a while back they were not taking any new clients so that may have been a prelude to going out of business? I live about 2 hours from Columbus and way way way back when.... I thought about going over and giving it a try.... Never did.... never really needed to
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    It's really hard to make enough money in this sort of operation. Even with the best of intentions and the most effort and hard work, these places fail quite easily.


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    I have never heard of it, but I did want to chime in and say please don't go away after a few posts. You will find this is the most understanding and supportive group of people on the net focused on understanding crossdressing related issues. The reply you got probably didn't notice your post count and was just giving a lighthearted reply. Once you are here for a while you will recognize that many make jokes about crossdressing because some times all you can do is laugh about it. It is something we all live with and a sense of humor goes a long way in accepting ourselves as we were born. Welcome to the forum, hope you stay and learn a lot from the vast amount of experiences shared here.

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    I believe they have gone out of business. Welcome to the fourm anyhow.

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    Hi Kelli,

    I am a local girl here also and have heard of the Columbus Academy. I have not heard anything fro a year or so, but have a GF that contacted them, she said "STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!" They are not a creditable outfit.

    Sorry I don't want to go on too much here, but thats the advice she gave me.


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