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Thread: Single because you crossdress? What do you say to people?

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    Single and proud of it. I had a beautiful lady once, a true lady. Study, no money and a high desire to achieve over ruled my brain and I lost her. I have searched for someone like her only to find disappointment. Now I am still single and love it. The only people who have issues with me being single are those who are jealous of my freedom. They can question but I do not have time to answer.

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    I'm single and love being that way. I'm not single because of crossdressing but I've certainly been able to explore it more fully since becoming single. And being totally honest I may be staying single because I don't want to live the lie anymore. If I found a fully accepting woman or man that may change but for right now I'm just happy being me the way I am.


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    This ? interests me

    I think I destroy relationships by looking for every reason its wrong so I dont have to take that step of actually opening up and explaining that I am a crossdressser.

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    I'm single. but not because of CDing. The ex-wife and girlfriends all knew about it and had varying degrees of acceptance - everything from "don't ask/don't tell" to "let's go to the beach and check out the guys". I've been single for three years now, and realized that I prefer it this way. I don't have to worry about acceptance, I can do what I want when I want, and I don't have to cater to someone's fragile ego or put up with their bulls**t. No more tip-toeing around, worrying about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I enjoy time with my friends, but ultimately have come to realize that I'm one of those people who is happiest when by themselves.

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    SINGLE BECAUSE I CROSS DRESS: Sounds like a good excuse to me.. Truth is if I could find a woman like Carly... YIKES what am I saying here???

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    was married for 20years hated it three great grown up kids though , been with my SO 10 years she knows about my CD ing but we have two apartments in the same building works great Im neat she is messy I like to dress she does'nt like to see me dressed perfect

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    I have been single for the last 18-years, have been in a long term relationship a few years after my divorce because of my cross-dressing. For the last five years since the relationship ended I have remain friends with the woman but there still isn't nothing romantic about it. As a few of them have said it can be nice to dress whenever I need to and purchase whatever I desire. Every once in a while I think about finding a woman but then once I think about my number one hobby I know it wouldn't work.
    I guess my alter ego is the woman of my dreams, at least she like to dress up hose, heels and a dress, something a natural woman doesn't wear these days.

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    I am single and hate it. Granted I like living life by my terms and doing what I want when I want, but I would give that all up to be married and have kids. Of course the cding makes the whole dream somewhat challenging. I went out on a few dates with this girl and after 3 of them I told her about Shelby and she was so excepting. She has gone shopping with me and even giving me a few things that didn't fit her. She looks forward to seeing Shelby again. Sometimes I think she likes Shelby more then me. Despite her exceptance, she felt there wasn't the right "chemistry" (I hate that word) so we stopped dating. I have been trying to meet women, but I find it so hard. I mainly stick to Online dating since I lack the courage to ask someone out in person. Plus I seem to not meet in person anyone at all. I have made a decision that before any relationship goes to far, I will tell her. I will not lie or conceal the truth even at the risk of losing her. At least I can tell her that I have no other secrets from her. No if I could only find her. Sometimes, I feel like women have this source of info, like what the FBI or Interpol use to determine if they should respond back to me. I do believe that women are just as judgemental of guys as guys have been acused of forever. Recent news articles stated that Women are less interested in getting married then Men. There are women who are more interested in having children yet remaining single because they just can't find the right guy. Yet men are standing there asking WTF is a right guy and what is wrong with me? What I have found imho is that women aren't interested in getting to know a guy but are hung up on our height, body size, income level and education and even what we drive. I know what that sounds like and of course there are women who would say that that is total BS and of course there are guys who look for dumb, easy women with certain physical attributes. I am always described as a "Nice Guy," and often read profiles stating that they are looking for "Nice Guy" yet they never respond back to me. I have never seen a woman run away from me in horror and I have an easier time making friends with women then with men. I'm ranting, but to sum it up. I am not single because I crossdress, I think I crossdress because I am single.

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