I haven't dressed a whole lot and was wondering, do any of you girls have an opinion on which is the best UK dressing service? (my apologies to the international sisterhood for the exclusionist nature of the question)

I am ideally looking for someone who can bring out my inner vamp with some really striking make-up (erring on this side of drag).
I have never done full make up and I am interested in just exactly how good (read: feminine) I can actually look in the right hands.

I think I need to know so that I can adjust my expectations of any future dressing accordingly (ie am I more Ru Paul* or Sailor Bubba?).


Hilde x

*See how narrow my knowledge of TVs is? I would also appreciate it if you could tell me some other names to aspire to (as I said, the vampy/seductress/domme end of the extreme spectrum, not Drag Queen)

Thanks again.