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Thread: i want to get outside

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    i want to get outside

    hi all iv been cding for a while but still not gone out side i live in sw england somerset and if any 1 knows of any meeting for cd or tv i wolud love to meet others i have a wonderful gf who would also lke the chance to meet other so to chat and knowing her gossip lol x

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    Wish I could help, sorry! Its a strange world out there, but I think you will enjoy it, once you get out you wont want to go back in! Your girl sounds nice! The best of luck to both of you ladies!!

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    Can't help you from over here, but we have many girls from the UK, so I'm sure someone will know whats around that part of the country. I live in a small town, but by goggling the local college I found a group right here in town. Keep looking, we are everywhere, I learned that here.
    Tina B.

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    Hi If you are ever in the NW, Cheshire area, on the 3rd monday of the month ,i would be only too pleased to intrduce you to our group, we do have a few GGs come along as well

    Hugs J-JAY

    Hugs J-JAY

    Never underestimate the power of brains and a push up bra.

    Never complain about growing old, far too many people have been denied that privilege".

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    Try Gloscats. Sorry I have no more details.

    As a crossdresser my personality has several facets. Therefore, I suppose I can be forgiven for being facetious.

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    Perhaps what you can do is what so many other here on this site have done (inc me) and that's get in the car and find quiet places to get into the outside world. After all, it's been said so often, little steps.
    Meeting others opens up a whole new vista but it's often within four walls. Many here will tell you that the feeling of being out in the open is something you'll relish.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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