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Thread: Female or male DR.

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    nylon addict pernille d's Avatar
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    Sep 2009

    Female or male DR.

    Just a quick question

    If you had to have a check up with DR. Where you had to say you where crossdresser would you choose a male or female DR.

    I feel It would be easier to talk to s female than a male , therefore I dm interested to hear everyones thoughts

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    Junior Member Debra Jane's Avatar
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    Difficult question...

    All doctors are supposed to take on board whatever they are told by patients, but I think in most cases you won't get an idea of their attitude until you actually spill the beans.

    Me, I would prefer to tell a female, then again it could also depend on the doctors age.

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    Adventuress Kate Simmons's Avatar
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    The Poconos PA
    I think it would mostly depend on what kind of check up it was.
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    I have a male DR and told him about CDing and he was OK with it, but I would have rather told a female DR. As my needs change I have going to female DRs as much as posible. In a lot of ways I find them more caring and tender.

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    Call me Celes!!! the_me's Avatar
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    Edmonton, Alberta
    If I HAD to tell them about CD, I would feel more comfortable with a female DR I'm sure. Otherwise pretty much any DR I've visited has been male now that I think of it.

    Hmn... interesting question to think about.
    With love,
    - Celes

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    Swans have more fun! sandra-leigh's Avatar
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    Central Canada
    I probably would have been mortified to have a physical from a female doctor when I was a teen, but I've long outgrown that. These days, when it comes to professionals, I only have professional modesty; if one of them told me to undress while they were in the room, I would go ahead, be they male or female. Let's see.. when I get massages, I do leave my panties on, but if there was reason to remove them it wouldn't be a problem for me.

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    Aspiring Member Joan_CD's Avatar
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    I had a male dr but switched to a female. She is fully supportive and is working with me to get on HRT. The whole office is female and I feel much more comfy there.

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    Just finding my way.... StaceyJane's Avatar
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    Harker Heights
    I am currently looking for a doctor for HRT. My preference is female.

    P.S. If anyone can recomend a doctor in the Austin area.....

    I'm not a doctor, I just play one on TV.

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    Aspiring Member Cari's Avatar
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    NE Ohio
    Actually I was more interested in how they could treat my condition than their gender.
    In the past I would have never considered a female doc but like the one I have now.
    If you get into anything serious you will be refered to a specialist and you want the best; gender isnt as much of an issue.
    There are things that can mislead them if they dont know, so Ive found it better to be open.

    I had a condition where loss of body hair is a symptom of some issues so it is very much an inbounds question.
    Their concern wasnt that I was a CD it was if I shaved it because I was shedding and it looked bad.

    I also had a rash from epilating that could have been misread.

    Another issue you could face are discolored nails, the nail beds do tell some health clues.
    Mine were pretty torn up from fake tips and had to kinda admit that one, again a fair question.

    I have had male and female docs read clues, both simply said if it becomes an issue they could reccomend counselors.
    They also definately needed to know if I was taking any hormones ect before prescribing.
    Their main concern was making a good diagnosis and getting the right meds not my personal life.

    For a dentist I definately prefer a female dont have to open as wide for smaller hands :-)

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    Senior Member 5150 Girl's Avatar
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    Zanesville OH
    It's all the same to me, as long as they behave profesionaly.

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    Member jazz's Avatar
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    hampshire, england
    pernille d, I would definately see a female Doctor. I feel more at ease speaking to a women doctor.

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    Slightly Confused annabellejorden's Avatar
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    Portland, OR, USA
    Personally, I would rather not goto a doctor at all, and havn't except for my ankle in over 10 years.

    Before I get flogged for that, I know, one should have regular checkups.

    I would have to say female, they seem to have better bed side maner, as I recall.

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    Aspiring Member MichelleP's Avatar
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    Somewhere out West
    Good Question. I go to a doc that's first, not too busy to take time for me to be the patient and he/she the doc. In this case it happens to be a male but he's very cool with the shaved uh, (most everything), shaped brows and the occassional toenail polish. That said my previous doc was frankly a snot and our communication really broke down once he put 2 and 2 together. I also go to a Nurse Practioner who's a female - she's wonderful and the person I see most times when I go to the docs office for minor stuff.

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    Gold Member Alice B's Avatar
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    San Diego
    I have both and both know. My GP is a male and my cardiologist is a female. Both have seen my painted toe nails and shaved body, so I outright told them. No comment at all from them.

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    Exploring NEPA now Cheryl T's Avatar
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    As they say... Been there, done that.
    I was put in the position of telling my cardiologist (long story) and when I did he just said, "That's your business".
    As for a primary care physician I think I would prefer a female (which is what I have at present), although she is unaware at this time.
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    New Member
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    Durham, North Carolina
    I guess I told my therapist I crossdress; he's male and I didn't think much of it. I guess if I actually had to get a physical done I would want a female, but any true professional should be able to handle it tactfully.

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    John JohannaH's Avatar
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    Irving, TX
    I feel more comfortable with a female doctor, and my wife feels more comfortable with a male doctor.

    John - Please use my legal name John. I also prefer masculine pronouns referring to myself.
    Been on M2F HRT for over 8 years
    Don't mind if I am addressed as Sir or Ma'am as long as I am treated with respect.
    Just don't call me "Maggot".

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    My doctor is female. Not because I was more comfortable with a female doctor but she is the best doctor for my hrt in Vegas. I am more concerned with qualifications than gender. If the best doctor that took my insurance was male, I would see him.
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    Aspiring Member Megan Thomas's Avatar
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    My doc is male, middle aged and has been great. I think it's how you gel as a doctor/patient than the gender which is important.

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    Ice queen Lorileah's Avatar
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    I have a female doctor who I love and trustm but she is sort of concerned that I may make decisions that I won't care for at a later date. Otherwise for some reason she wants to keep me around for a long time...
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    in the hills of central california
    my regular Dr is a male, but i stay with him just cause i have been with him for years. but my cancer Dr is a woman.(not by choice, just sent to her) lousy bed side manners.

    not sure as to the answer to the question. as my reg Dr does not least we have not talked about it. the last couple times he put that thingy to hear into my chest, he did not want my top off? worked it like i was a woman. different way of doing things now? treating me as a woman? the modesty thing? might ask him when i see him next mo. but i do not want him to put this info onto his computer..every thing goes onto the main frame. open to any and all who can gain access to it...even hackers.


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    Aspiring Member msniki48's Avatar
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    I told my doctor years ago..He is a sweet man 1st question was what pronoun would you want me to use in the office.... he was very supportive.

    I am changing to a female gen practicianer who works with my this will be interesting. It will be the 1st thing i tell her on my 1st visit.

    I'll let you know how i make out. I loved my female therapist, so i think i should be fine.


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    You can go to any Dr. ( male or female) and thay will tell you that thay have seen it all, and thay are not there to judge you for your life style. If the Dr. has a problem with your crossdressing he needs to stop and remimber what you are in to see him about. My doctor has known about my crossdressing for over 20yrs. and he tells me that when I come in as a girl, that my BP is down and he tells me that hiding and not being open with your life style can cause madical problems.

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    Fearfully MTF Steph.TS's Avatar
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    I have a male doctor, and TBH I wish I had a female doctor, because I'm not comfortable discussing stuff of this nature with him.

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    Female Dr. for sure, and also with any other issue. I work in a medical system and women Dr.s generally have better bedside manors and more empathy then majority of male Dr.s

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