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Thread: Female or male DR.

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    Senior Member lauraabdl's Avatar
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    South Carolina
    I have a male primary care DR., although I think I would be or feel better with a female.

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    I didn't need to tell my male doctor about me for a long time because I only had things like tendonitis. But he is great, easy to talk to and I owe him a bit for everything he has done for my family. A few months ago I decided to tell him because of a course of treatment where the knowledge could come into play. He asked me a few questions and ordered a complete hormone screening after we discussed hormone levels and how they may affect you.

    I went back in last week on a follow-up and showed him a rash on my eyelids. He asked me if I had a new shaving cream, make-up, or if I was using Oil of Olay and did so without a flinch or hesistation. Doesn't matter that he is male or female. It is that he isn't in a hurry and he considers everything.

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    I would definitly see a female doctor I would feel more comfortable and at ease

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    I think...I would have to jump on the band wagon and say female. I've been receiving psychiatric care for unrelated issues for most of my life and most of the male psychiatrists I've dealt with have either been disinterested or a little creepy. Maybe I just have bad luck. Plus I'm seeing a female psychiatrist at the moment who I'm really hitting it off with so I'm biased.

    (I'm assuming we mostly mean psychiatrists or therapists, since I can't really envision a circumstance where I would have to talk about my dressing to any other kind of doctor. If I had a physical and I happened to be wearing panties, I probably wouldn't think twice save for a bit of momentary self-consciousness, since the only thing that really matters is getting the procedure over with and the quality of the care...when it comes to physical issues I don't have a preferrence).
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    Good day to you all.

    In the past I have had both and much preferred the guidance of my female Doc until she retired. My male Doc is very patient and understanding but at the same time does not know enough to give guidance other than to keep me in a good state of mind and health. I am the one who brings information to him which he very much appreciates.

    My Urologists takes great care of my prostate health and accepts me as a person and the preferences that I have in my manner of dress.
    On the other hand, my wife more so refuses than to try and understand and her Doc is male with a slight negative opinion towards CD backed up by very little to no knowledge about CD.

    My preference to CD has been with me for as long as I can recall and wouldn't change a thing.


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    My GP is a woman whom I have gone to for about ten years; I have not disclosed my CDing to her. I don't think that she knows nor do I think that she would care if I told her. As I go farther on my transitioning path, I will undoubtedly need to tell her and get her recommendations for the changing care that I will need. I feel very comfortable about doing this, but actually I would be fine with a male as long as he behaves professionally and has expertise in the areas of my interest and need.
    warmly, Linnea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoebe Reece View Post
    The last time I needed to select a doctor, I selected a female one. It was not because of anything CD related, but because I needed a prostate exam. Female doctors have smaller hands.
    I just ask my urologists to use extra lube for a prostate exam.

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