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Thread: Does anyone have a family member who also dresses?

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    Does anyone have a family member who also dresses?

    I was reading a story about an adult crossdresser who came out to her parents, only to find out that the father dresses as well! I thought this has to be pretty unique -- and awesome. Does anyone on the forum have a family member who also dresses up?


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    Not in my family but I do know two brothers and a son who all dress.

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    I'm the only girl in the family besides mommy. Have 3 older brothers. Sorry.

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    I introduced my younger brother to crossdressing when he was like 9 or 10. And I know he did it for a while and got caught by mom. Pretty sure he never continued... Or persued it like I have.
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    My dad is obsessed with movies like Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire, and he loves wearing nightshirts to bed. In fact, I caught him watching RuPaul's Drag Race.
    That's enough information for me.

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    Nope. I do wish I did though. That would make things MUCH easier.
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    Not in my family.

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    mi cousins does all the time he was like my role model

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    Quote Originally Posted by christiecd View Post
    I was reading a story about an adult crossdresser who came out to her parents, only to find out that the father dresses as well! I thought this has to be pretty unique -- and awesome. Does anyone on the forum have a family member who also dresses up?

    It is not unique. I've known at least a handful of TG's with TG family members of their own. One was a father whose adult son CD'd. Ironically and sadly, the father was dead set opposed to it. Guess he didn't want the son to be like him.

    Another is a TS friend of mine who has a brother that is also TG.

    Lastly, my own sister is intersexed.

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    Yes, as several of you already know, my son is a member of the forum as well. It wasn't until he was an adult that I became aware of his like for fem clothing. I am very glad though that I can share this with him.
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    I'm not aware of anyone in my family, but my youngest brother is very much like me. Likes longer hair and dresses kinda girly. I dressed girly when I was his age. So possibly he might have ententions as well. It'd be nice, then, we would have more to share with each other. We are very much a like already. I'm Like his guide in life.
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    My brother had SRS some 18 years ago. Kept it a secret for about 3 years, now that the whole
    family knows, he will not talk to anyone, has a real stuck up attitude, and believes he is the ONLY
    thing in this world. I live next door to him, and maybe have 10 words a year with him. It is real
    sad, but he made is own bed, now he sits in it. Rader
    Sorry, I refereed to my brother as him, it should be she, because that is what she is, just a force
    of habit, as we bunked together for 18 years as kids, until I went into the service.

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    Dont think I have any crossdressing relatives unless,they were very good at hiding it,unlike my early days
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    Yup, have a younger sibling who does, and damn if she isn't better looking!

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    None that I currently know of.

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    My Uncle who lived a block away from us did what I would describe as a booze and whoopie cushions drag show once a year for his lodge brothers. I have 5 cousins who are gay and 2 who are lesbians. One gay cousin died in 1993. I think that yet another one of them died in an accident but I only met him once and that was on vacation in 1962. I was 6 and he was maybe 9 or 10. I've always thought there was a good chance that these LGBT/TG/TS/CD things run in families and they are somehow hormonal or neurological in nature. It's just a thought. I could be wrong.

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