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Thread: Does anyone have a family member who also dresses?

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    No full-on CD/TG folk in the family that I'm aware of. I say "full-on" because I had one cousin on my mom's side who like to wear his wife's underwear after they had...ya know, but that's more fetishistic than anything else. I do have an aunt and a cousin (both on mom's side again) who are lesbians. My aunt is out, my cousin is not.

    Bringing up that memory reminds me of how I realized there was a lot more to my Aunt Sunny and Aunt Marty. I first met "Aunt Marty" when I was six. It was explained that she wasn't quite my aunt, just a really good friend of the family. She was my Aunt Sunny's best friend and business partner, and they shared a place together. We'd go over to their house a few times a year, for holiday dinners and family celebrations; or up to the cabin in the summer. It was one such celebration when I was 13 or 14 years old and by then, I had come to the conclusion there had to be more to Sunny and Marty's relationship than my parents and other relatives were letting on. The fact that their house was a 1 bedroom and had a king size mattress was pretty damning evidence, but what really sealed the case was in the bathroom. No, it was anything "dirty". On a small side table in the bathroom was a signed and noted picture of Ellen (Yes, The Ellen). The note itself said something along the lines of:

    Hey Sunny,

    Thanks for letting me and Anne use the cabin for a couple weeks. We had a really awesome time and hope to do it again next year. Hope you and Marty are happy together for years to come.


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    i have a cousin whose post-op now i think

    kittiebites <~ fb me

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    mi cousins does all the time he was like my role model

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    None that I currently know of.

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    My Uncle who lived a block away from us did what I would describe as a booze and whoopie cushions drag show once a year for his lodge brothers. I have 5 cousins who are gay and 2 who are lesbians. One gay cousin died in 1993. I think that yet another one of them died in an accident but I only met him once and that was on vacation in 1962. I was 6 and he was maybe 9 or 10. I've always thought there was a good chance that these LGBT/TG/TS/CD things run in families and they are somehow hormonal or neurological in nature. It's just a thought. I could be wrong.

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