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    I am finally getting the courage to go and see one, I have been in contact via e-mail with her to meet in person and arrange some sessions just to talk about anything. I don't really even know where to start. I'm so nervous, I have really never honestly opened up to anyone, myself included (I'm sure). I have had talks with my wife, but they really are not involved in acceptance of any kind.
    I guess I'm hoping that I can get through this with feeling less guilty finally accepting myself for the person I am.
    I hope this sounds right?

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    Perfectly right. You want to know who you are and learn to accept yourself. You can start by giving yourself permission to be happy. You are the only person who can. Carol

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    Self acceptance is very important. Just be open and honest with your therapist and you should make some real progress.
    One thing, therapy is not a quick fix, Give yourself some time to really work through your feelings.

    I'm not a doctor, I just play one on TV.

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    Go see your therapist and hopefully they will help you in what you need. Before you go, without intending to sound cheesy, you are already accepted by me and i suspect by everyone who looks on this forum. Yea that does sound cheesy, but there ya go!


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    BE HONEST. That's the best tip I can give anyone about to start therapy. Tell the absolute truth up front every time; exactly the way everything makes you feel. I know you feel all kinds of nervous because there's that "OMG! I'm a freak!" thought running through your head, but a trained and experienced professional has heard and seen it all. Trust me, as an individual with several mental disorders not including my gender dysphoria, I've spent a lot of time in therapy.

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    I found a therapist in very similar way, and it has been wonderful--definitely the right thing to do. Mine is well-versed in gender issues and has helped me to disclose my transgenderism to my family and some friends in a way that has made me stronger and happier.
    I think that it's very much the right thing to do.
    warmly, Linnea

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