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Thread: Mothers Always Know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dallas46 View Post
    Mothers know all and suspect the rest!
    Well said. My mom found a couple things I'd taken when I was in my early teens. She scolded me not so much on the crossdressing thing so much as taking stuff from other people. It was crazy-awkward. Even though it's a couple decades later, I still sometimes get the feeling she's eyeing me up to see if I'm wearing anything out of the ordinary.

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    My mom found my thing's when I was 10 or 11. But she never said a word to me about it. She throwed them all away, though. I've alway's had the feeling that we should have talked. My mom would have never stopped loving me, no matter what.

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    I was nine when I started to secretly wear my sister's panties. She was a year younger but nearly the same size in everything! Initially I used the laundry hamper as my source of underwear, but freshly laundered panties from her lingerie drawer were better still and offered the opportunity for a little choise as opposed to the "panties du jour" that the hamper allowed. I would sneak on a pair of her panties whenever I found the opportunity, wear them all day and deposit them in the hamper without anyone's knowledge, or so I thought.
    Her underwear were mostly cotton but a few were silky nylon and especially girly, and well, in a word – wonderful. One day, my mother caught me wearing them! More to the point I think she observed the increased "panty count" in the laundry and questioned me adding a stern rebuke and threatened to tell my father. I was of course mortified and frightened sufficiently that I did not raid Susan's panty drawer again for months. But in time her threat wore thin, but the memory of those panties remained. I attempted to be stealthier but I guess she knew, because one day I found my underwear drawer stacked with newly purchased Vanity Fair nylon panties in my size and in a variety of colors. I ran to her and gave her a big kiss without providing a word of explanation. She smiled.
    That moment signaled for me an open door to be able to talk about my desires to dress. Not just in panties but pretty from head to toe. Mom was sympathetic to a limit, and continued to add to my secret wardrobe. My father was at sea in the navy for much of my life and he was not a partner to or ever knew of this secret. It was a mutual conspiracy that included my sister, but she was supportive as well. My mother even went so far as to be encouraging, enough so that she also introduced me to shopping enfemme -Mom, Sue and Bobbi. I was ten and loved it so.

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    I'm sure my mother knew about my crossdressing. She must have realized that her underthings had been worn and replaced. She never mentioned anything about it, but I know she discussed my curiousity with feminine things with my dad.

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    A few weeks before my mother passed away we were sitting around talking and she brought up the subject of a certain pair of her High heeled Sandals which would disappear for days or even weeks on end and the mysteriously return to her closet. Now I can't imagine what hapened to those sandals during all those times, but I too believe that Mothers alwaysknow....
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    My mom didn't know until I told her. Then again, even the FBI couldn't have known, I was so damn sneaky.

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