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Thread: Why is being gay a prob?

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    Nicole, you have summed up pretty much everything I've said is a problem with this kind of thinking in saying that being thought of gay is a "cross to bear". Why is it a problem under most circumstances? Pythos I can see how you can feel that way if you are looking for a female partner, but if I understand you, that's more about frustration at something being made more difficult rather than the fact of people thinking you are gay. Also it might be good for your female SO to be reassured that you aren,'t going to don a frock and run off with the milkman, but taking close relationships out of the equation it shouldn't matter what people assume one way or the other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pythos View Post
    Sophie, I partially agree. However, do you know what concept scares the bejeezes out of me. Racists and biggots home schooling. Actually to tell you the truth, some of the more ignorant or uneducated kids I have met....homeschooled.
    I homeschool, which brings me into contact with a lot of other homeschoolers and their children, and my experience has been the opposite.

    What are you going to do though? Let the state decide who is smart enough and moral enough to educate their own children? I don't think the state is smart enough or moral enough to make that decision.

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    I don't think a person's sexual preference has anything to do with a crossdressing attitude. One reason why I have stated I am a straight guy is because it helps others understand they are not alone. I think we can all agree that when our society sees a crossdresser they know is a man, they instantly think "There's a gay guy." I don't stress my sexual preference, but I will state it. When I first started CDing on my own, I was scared I was going to become gay because thats how society sees crossdressers. My parents found out, and told me I would "Grow up to be a faggot." At the time I was (and still am) involved in a great relationship with a beautiful woman I planned to marry. I didn't want to marry her and destroy a relationship. Then, I found other guys like me, with my same sexual preference, who are crossdressers. It made me feel more comfortable, and was actually a big part in helping me come clean with my wife. I married, knowing this would not turn into something that would ruin her life. I might be a rare circumstance, but I am glad I browsed this forum and saw so many people who stated their heterosexuality. I'm sure the same can be said about the people who claim homosexuality. To me, it doesn't matter, but to say it, and have one person join because they are now comfortable with their crossdressing, that is what it is all about.
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    To Nicole, Sophie, Jamie, Clayfish, & Stevie,

    We were getting away from the OP on enough of a tangent that I moved several of our posts here and created our own thread entitled, "Teaching Gender Ed in public schools". I didn't move the posts from people who mentioned it just in passing while responding to the OP ... just the posts that discuss gender ed and public schools specifically.

    Hope this is OK with everyone.

    So for anyone else who wants to comment on gender ed/public schools, please follow the link in paragraph one above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleScott View Post
    Saying that I am not gay (or, as some prefer, I am straight) is not a mandatory declaration but an optional one. It is necessary, for those who think it is, and is not intrusive. Sure, it may be irrelevant to the topic at hand, but it can easily be blown off and ignored. No need to take offense.
    Rianna, making a simple statement that I am not gay is certainly not ramming my sexuality down your throat. Stop the hyperbole, please.
    Wanting people (who may assume I am gay because I crossdress) to understand that I am straight is not homophobia. Just trying to keep the issues (cd & gay) separate, as they are.
    OK, I accept that for you, stating that you are not gay in a forum where this assumption would not be made in the first place is a good way of educating the people who did not assume that there was a link in the first place.

    BTW, did I mention that I am not from Mississippi?
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