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Thread: Plane lands soon

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    Plane lands soon

    Well, my free time grows short as the Wifes plane is due to land back in my hometown in a few short hours. I am a bit nervous about the talk I know that is coming there has been so many things happen and change for me already over the past two weeks.
    I told her this past Saturday night about my bringing Wendy back into my and our lives and this time it was going to be on an more open and permanent basis. I also told her about my attending therapy and how open and honest I have been with myself as well as with my therapist.
    She had many questions then which I tried patiently to answer over the phone and for the most prt she seemed very receptive to the idea and I give her credit where it is due...she has responded favorably in the past knowing how much calmer I am with Wendy around...maybe she has missed her too?...I bet she has thought of a thousand more by now. I will be on as much as possible but I am sure that the rigors of returning to life will effect my freetime somewhat more. Will be relegated to late nights and early mornings at least for now. I do have a few guy chores which have gone unattended for the last couple of weeks that I can't overlook any longer...and may create a potential issue....these are easily fixable though so....Until I am back on....have fun everybody...and wish me luck.
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    hope you post soon, and let us know how it is going.
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    Good times always seem to end too soon! I have a feeling that many good times are coming your way soon! Don't forget to show your love for her and please let us know how things work out!

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    good luck sweetie i'm sure it will all work out ; )

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    I am with Cynthia Anne. I really do hope it works out well for you. But don't forget to show her how much you appreciate her and don't lose sight to all the other things going on in your lives. Keep the balance!

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    Do keep us all posted as you are able. Best of luck to you and yours.

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