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Thread: The Crossdressers Connundrum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frédérique View Post
    [SIZE=2]Then you should never have allowed yourself to be “trained” in this manner....[/SIZE]
    That's like saying you should not let yourself be trained to think killing is wrong. Part of being a human being is getting our morals and values from heavy influences from society.
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    Gosh, so many great and well thought out answers. Thank you everyone so much. This is truly a great forum!

    I was thinking today..."Just accept's who you are". That basically sums up the majority of what most said here. So I started thinking a lot about that. Does it mean I am a part time cross dresser? What does that mean?

    I like to wear woman's clothes because it feels good to look like a woman. When I do cd and look down at myself, I see a woman. Yes, I wish I was a woman and could be one. I guess that makes me a little transgender...but at 28 I think it's too late to make a change that would make me completely passable. Aside from that I'd loose my gf, whom I want to marry, and most of my family. That'd devastate me!

    So I'm stuck cd'ing. I sometimes wonder if it's nothing more than a fetish. But when I do CD, just like others here say, it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. I look forward to it at the end of the day. I get to shrug off my heavy, construction worker(just imagine if the macho guys at work knew...ha!), male body and put on my frail and gentle feminine form. It's then when I really feel relaxed.

    So that is who I am... a dude that likes to pretend to be a lady by wearing their clothes because he could never truly be a woman. Better than nothing I guess. I suppose you all are right. I will always feel like this, I need to accept it, move on, enjoy life and find some cd friends and an most importantly an outlet that allows me to be girly in public.

    Perhaps it's time I get a good wig, makeup and some fashionable clothes and go to a bar. I hear T-girl Tuesdays at Hamburger Mary's is pretty good.

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    I LOVE THIS!!! Chastity you are a goddess!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Chastitycd View Post
    I personally have never purged. I am trying to learn to live my life to the fullest. Im so scared im gonna be 60 years old one day and wake up one morning and regret that Ive wasted my life and wished I would have done this or that. So I just turned 30 and im trying to learn to live this way. Its good to hear that you put your family first, but ill be the devils advocate and say this, dont put everything before being you all the time. Otherwise youre gonna hate yourself eventually. You have to have some you time. And in my opinion if your wife or SO whichever be the case TRULLY loves you there shouldnt be a problem. how you do this however is up to you. Just remember you only get 1 life. I would hate to think I lived mine and dies by other peoples standards. My 2 cents...

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    You will figure out what works best for you , in my case I perfer more freedom but I place family value a head ,, This also keeps me in check ,it tames the never satisfied beast ...But more than any of that..It's who I really am and thats hard to change, I know I do not want to live 24/7 as a women ,that would become boring, dressing for me above all is an escape..
    It's taken me a long time to accept it ( not 100%) adjust my life to fit it in and become a better person by doing so.. Don't get me wrong I still have issue about the urges but I keep myself at a happy medium..
    I do not!! Claim to be an expert on any topic, when I post a new thread or reply on any thread my imput is strickly that of a crossdresser. Not to offend Gay people , Transexuals or any other life style, I am only commenting on one of my own.

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