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Thread: Thankyou to a CD'r in Gran Canaria

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    Thankyou to a CD'r in Gran Canaria

    This is just a little thankyou to a CD'r who was in a resturant in the souther part of Gran Canaria about two weeks ago. You have brought some hope and understanding back into my life

    My SO was over there with a friend having a few days break. They were at a resturant having lunch and my SO noticed a crossdresser enter, chat to the reception counter then sit down. She seemed to know the staff there and was quite confident and relaxed.
    Anyway, when my SO got back, she mentioned what she had seen then apologised for being so distant and having a total lack of concern about my needs and love for dressing up. I have been keeping it private for the past two years due to other family pressures etc, but she does know all about my dressing.
    Anyway, she then said that I should be able to have my time as well and we started arranging a weekend away for her and Samantha. Our lives are pretty hectic at present so I was suggesting sometime in May and not trying to force the issue, but then she said, "what about next weekend". So the plans are in motion and I need to get my outfits ready etc. There is going to be no venturing out, just two nights in a nice hotel suite, but I am not objecting!

    So, my patients and not pushing my demands has eventually paid off and hopefully this might be a more regular affair! I want to persuade her to come with me to somewhere like New York or Las Vagas so we (I) can dress up and go out clubbing and join up with some of you other ladies for a bit fo night life fun!

    So, thanks again to one of of out ladies out there for giving my SO this great idea!
    If you are part of this forum, it would be great to hear from you!


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    Some things never cease to amaze me! I,m happy for you! Enjoy! Hugs!

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