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Thread: Walking in heels

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    I think the best way to start is in wedges...4-5 in. max. They're a good start b/c you can get the feel of height without the fear of falling. They also give you a good idea of where you need to focus your balance center. Keep your shoulders back and your head "high" and try to put one foot in front of the next. This might sound silly, but try practicing with a shoulder bag or hobo purse. It's a distractor and it gives you some natural pull (sway). Good luck!

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    A couple of tips because you are using muscles you need to build up

    Walk around the house on tiptoes

    When you wake up lie on the bed with your feet hanging over the edge. and draw circles with your feet, pointing your toes. One foot then the other, 15X clockwise, 15 anticlockwise

    Start with low heels and move up

    Have fun, its great when you can do it.
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    I can't really add anything new here -- just to stress the "practice" part. I guess I'm proof enough that almost anyone can walk in heels -- I'm 5-14 and over 300# (yikes!) and I can walk in my 3-3/4" platform pumps with relative ease and what might pass for grace in a room with dim lighting ...

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    Observe other girls walking in high heels and practice.

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    Practice...practice...practice. I make sure as I walk my toes and heel touch the floor at the same time. You have to think about pointing your toes straight in front of you. Work on your posture. I make sure my toes and breasts lead me. If you master walking in heels, your legs will love you for it. If you do it incorrectly, you could develop pain in your knees. Nothing is sexier though than a beautiful pencil skirt and blouse, sheer panyhose and 3" or higher heels.

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    Wow, I can really relate to having to practice for ENDURANCE.

    I can walk around the house just fine....but just this week I drove in high heel boots (4-5" heel height) to a thrift store, walked through the store and drove home...then my calves were so sore from the walking that after I couldn't stabilize my ankles....

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    Maybe it goes without saying but make sure the shoes fit properly! Secondly, just because it fits properly it may still not be comfortable for long periods of wearing. I have several pair of heels that have about the same heel height but some feel much more comfortable on my feet after an hour than others. No amount of practice will make shoes that don't feel comfortable after an hour become comfortable! Toss the shoes and try another pair!

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