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Thread: Did your mother support your crossdressing and wanted you to be her daughter?

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    I think she her own subtle way! This forum makes me think! She did offer her shoes and hosiery for me to play with. She did get me the bride doll from the general store. (1949). When the girl cousins would come over we would hide her! (my brothers idea!) So the girls would not tear her up!!!! Perhaps that is why I would like a wedding dress one day! Hummmm. Tonight is my second fancy party in a big hotel!
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    If momma ever knew about the time I spent in her closet, she never let on. In the late fifties, early sixties, while I was in high school, she did ignore it when I started using hair rinse to play with hair color, or hair straighteners. But my taste in mens clothing always ran to the blue, Grey's, and dull, not a hint there that I loved skirts and colors! Now at 92, and 300 miles away, I have no plans to talk to her about it.
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    My Mom and encourage.

    My sister died of double pneumonia when she was 11 and I was 9. Devastated Mom who blamed herself for not taking her to the doctor/hospital early enough. Mom was actually committed for sereval months -that's how bad she was. And it was her only daughter. One day months after she came back from the institution she looked at me funny and asked me if she could dress me in my sisters's clothing and I of course replied with something like 'Mom, are you crazy!?' That started a bout of uncontrollable tears which scared the daylights out of me, so I grudgingly agreed to let her dress me in my sister's stuff.

    To make a long story short, I loved it. A couple weeks later, Mom asked me again and I did not argue. A couple of weeks after that, the tables turned and I asked her, and so my path to crossdressing began.

    She passed in 1991 and her heart always melted for Helen until she died...

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    My mother told me at a young age that they were expecting a girl...Several of her friends mentioned that she really wanted a daughter...Mom said I was going to be called Jo-Anne...she even offered to dress me in her clothes for Halo;ween when I was in my teens...fur coat and all.Being in such denial I declined her suggestion...Being a child of the 50s,was not an age where gender confusion was certainly discussed...Maybe if I had been born twenty years later I would have told her that she always had her daughter....too late now...Mom's gone....she wouldn't have accepted me anyway...She too,was a product of her age and upbringing..........

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    My mother caught me many times each time ended with my having a very red backside. I would always tell her I am a girl not a boy with the same result.
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    My Mother knew I borrowed her things, and would mention that she had found things in my bedroom, but she never made a big deal about that. And then when I was 12 years old, she dressed me up as a woman for Halloween with bra, panties hose and heels and that is when Doreen blossomed. To this day, putting on my bra is a magical moment for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoreenR View Post
    My Mother knew I borrowed her things, and would mention that she had found things in my bedroom, but she never made a big deal about that. And then when I was 12 years old, she dressed me up as a woman for Halloween with bra, panties hose and heels and that is when Doreen blossomed. To this day, putting on my bra is a magical moment for me.
    My mom, also, was encouraging, mostly in subtle was. When I was ten, I asked to be a girl for Halloween, and she went all out making a beautiful costume for me, then dressing me with lipstick and curls. (I wish that had included a bra, like Doreen, but alas, I was too young) I think after that, there was always a bond of femininity between us. She dressed in front of me and asked my opinion about her dress, etc--which she never did with my brother. When she would buy me clothes, they were always somewhat feminine, and she would remark on how "handsome" I looked, but I think she really wanted to say "pretty" and corrected herself for my dad's sake. So I've always felt that Chrissie is very naturally my mother's child.

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    After having three daughters in a row my mom was glad to finally have a son. Although when my brother came along (after another girl), he became the favorite son. Mom caught me several times wearing girdles, stockings, etc. but never really gave me "the talk". However she did have a way of foisting guilt upon me. She had five daughters in all and only two sons so even though she suspected that I dressed, she had no desire for me to be her sixth daughter.
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    My mom must have suspected that I played in her jewelry box a lot but never let on that she did. No word was ever said by either parent, but I suspect they knew I had "other" interests. Perhaps they thought if was a phase and I'd grow out of it if they just left it alone?


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    When I was very young, Mom told me what she would have named me if I had been a girl. Later she had a daughter, but I think she would have been happy with me as a girl as well. When I was an adolescent, we went barefoot in the house, and mom kept a pair of her shoes at the back door. For a while in my teens I used her shoes when taking out the trash because they fit. Everyone knew, no one objected, seemed natural & fun. Eventually my feet outgrew the opportunity. She didn't know, I guess, that I tried on her hose & girdles during the same years. Serious CDing developed decades later. I believe she loved me & would have, no matter what. She's gone now, and I sometimes feel I miss having had the opportunity to be her daughter.


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    Not my mother but my aunt let me dress at her house for years when I was young she got me my first training bra and at that point I knew I was "hooked" for life

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanmuscle View Post
    Please do not take it the wrong way but I notice a lot of mothers tend to laugh when their son puts on her heels or dress and will even sometimes paint their sons nails for fun. A lot of this is done behind the fathers back.

    Do the CDs here agree?
    As some of you already know, my grandma got me started. It was never an experience where she laughed or giggled in any way. It was a very positive experience and my grand dad was fine with it. Mom and Dad certainly were not fine with it and found out.

    Grandma died about six years ago and I miss her very much. How many grandma's in the early 70's had a lava lamp???

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    My mother wanted me to see a phsychiatrist,she thought something was wrong with me. I'm just a crossdresser,nothing wrong with that.
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    I made the mistake of choosing an 8 hour car trip to talk to my mom about dressing. About 2 hours in, I asked if we could get me a couple girls outfits because I felt like a girl sometimes. All I got was a "No.", which is odd because she can be very talkative. To me, though, that one word could've filled a book.

    It was an agonizingly quiet 6 hours to follow.

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    My mother said many times that she wanted a daughter and would have named her "Linda", hence my screen name.

    She never knew about my crossdressing but when I was young, she would sew dresses for her nieces and make me model them so she could mark the hems.

    I have often wondered if my crossdressing is somehow an attempt to please my (late) mother.
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    My mother (and mostly unknown to my father, I think) often had me wear my older sister's underwear because mine were dirty. I too was used as a dress model for a girl cousin. At three and a half years old I was baptized in a very pretty dress (I saw pictures but don't remember the event). Then about the last thing I was encouraged to be girly in was a Halloween costume. It was a colonial girl's dress. I really looked like a girl in that dress and when I went out I seemed to have fooled everybody. That experience led me to expolore femininity even more but it was something I kept very secret. I remember I didn't have any sexual feelings at that time and I believe I could have stopped CDing at anytime. It wasn't until I hit the right combination of clothes that nature explosively took over and I was a CD'er from that point on.
    After a few years of this I was caught in my sister's green skirt by my mother. All hell broke loose and she got my father involved. Perhaps my mother blamed herself for what she did to me in my earlier years but she definitely did not want me to pursue CDing.

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    Some Mothers Were Bitches!

    In my very early years all I heard from my mother was "You were suppose to be a girl!" Her first born was a boy. Therefore, for the perfect family I was suppose to be a girl. It bothered me so much that I put on one of her floor length nightgowns and cried. She consoled me saying that she was happy with me, yadda, yadda, yadda. I don't know if that episode made an imprint on me. Her drying her slips in the bathroom led me to a life of cross dressing. As a pre-teen I truly loved the feel of the nylon slips. There was no sexual component to wearing them. I think that would be common experience.

    What probably drove me to being a cross dresser was her totally stupid viewpoint on sexuality. As with most developing teenage boys, I had nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). Well, it was impossible to hide the PJ's and sheets. She screamed and yelled about it. That made me feel I was different from other guys. Masturbation was a sin to get you directly to hell, do not pass go! Along with my preference for slips, I felt I must have been a 'queer.' Her attitude more than anything else probably lead me to cross dressing, since I felt most comfortable in my sexuality wearing slips and dresses by mid teens. I envy those of you who were introduced into cross dressing in a playful manner by a mom, sister or cousin.

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    Short answer to this question for me is NO NO NO.

    my mother knows i dress but does not want to see her son dressed as a girl.


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    Two words.




    She freaks out if I have on anything that is even nice or dressy, unless it is a three piece suit and tie.
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    When I came out, my mom called me a freak, sent me to a mental ward for a couple weeks, and wouldn't talk to me for about two years. That was when I was about sixteen. Things have gotten a little better but I can't dress up in front of her.

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    I was caught a couple of times with some of my mothers underwear but no comment was made she just took her things back. Over the years there have been subtle comments but nothing to lure me into a full revelation of who I am or what I do. Huggs Fiona
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    My mum has found a few pairs of shoes and knickers in my room, nothing happened though. My sister is very supportive, we use to play games in my room and one time I left a thong under my desk, after a talk, she offered to take me shopping the next day. She helped me buy my first pair of high heels, a dress, make up and lots of bras and knickers.

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    I never had the chance to tell my mom. I think that she would have supported me and helpled me.

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    What a difference time makes. My mother scolded me since I was about 4 for wearing her hose, and beat my backside red when she found me dressed as "Daisy Duke" in the bathroom when I was about 14 (forgot to lock the door). When I admitted to dressing to her back in '01 (at age 35 then), now she seems more accepting although we do not talk about it much and when we do she just mentions the feel of hose, like it is just about hose. I tell her it is deeper than that, but she has her own mind and seems stuck on me having a hose fetish. Wish she would listen to me instead of hearing what she wants to hear.

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    My mother had mixed feelings about my crossdressing. She used to make wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses at home, had quite a business, and often needed someone to model the dresses. I was often asked to do this. I think in my life I must have worn 30 different wedding dresses and I'd imagine 60 bridesmaid dresses, but that is only a rough guess. I remember one day she was working on a particularly pretty wedding dress. She needed to see how everything moved on a body so I put it on. I pretended to be coy and she the veil on me and I held flowers. My father pretended to walk me down the aisle, it was funny. Then suddenly my mother got upset and insisted I take the dress off. I found out afterwards what had upset her, I looked better than the girl who was going to wear it for her wedding.


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