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Thread: story of an indian crossdresser....

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    story of an indian crossdresser....

    I would like to introduce myself as hema… didn know hw this name popped in ma mind, but prefer to be called as hema or Lakshmi or lakshu…..i ve been into crossdressing for almost 10 yrs… had a lot of experience and enjoyed moments as a closet crossdresser…
    i haven crossdressed since I entered coll… I m from Chennai, and ve finished my degree at a local university. I was a normal dude, enjoyin life as t comes, with outings, clubbing, playin, movies, fast foods and of course girlfrens since I entered coll… haven crossdressed since the time I entered coll, as I stayed in a hostel, and along wit ma frens for the first few years.. later my parents shifted to Chennai from Hyderabad..(mom was working der)…
    everything changed when I fell in love with a girl… I had known her for more than 2yrs and eventually we fell in love with each other… we were a happy couple for almost 6mths, and spent most of our time watchin movies, shoppin, beaches and since my parents are workin, we often get a chance to share our light moments at ma home… it was as normal as every couple on this earth, until tat day….. wow
    it was a lovely afternoon, and we decided to meet up at ma home…… oooops.. I forgot to mention my sweethearts name … she s called as sylvin,, she s around 5 foot, brown eyed and looks like a teddy… mayb the ones reading my story can imagine her as drew Barrymore and myself as like a will smith lol…
    tat afternoon, we were sharin our thoughts abt goin to a Halloween party at sylvins frens place.. she compelled me to join , but preffered to stay back.. I was indeed in a different mood, sylvin was upset over me for nt joinin her to the party, and turned a red face over me… I was also upset over her frown, and jus to change her mind, I asked wat the party is all abt and stuff… she was totally pissed and pushed me away in anger… I later agreed to go, and asked her to change into the spare tat she keeps at ma place in case of emergency…
    tat was the moment, in fact she changed her clothes in front of me, sylvin was wearin a maroon kurtha and a light shaded pant along wit a black normal bra… we met several times b4, but the urge of lookin her undress striked me oly at moment… whew,, it was an unforgettable moment, I was starin at sylvin so badly tat she felt embarrassed to dress in front of me. Then she was about to change into her purple tee, I passed on a comment tat she looked pretty in her bra… for which sylvin jokingly said “ u ll look good in this bra too” …. Tat was the moment tat rewinded my past
    I really wanna say to sylvin tat I had wore bras before , but the shocker of ma life came at tat moment, sylvin started laughin over the thought of me in bras, and urged me to wear it ..
    I was indeed flyin in excitement of wearin a bra in front of someone of ma age the very first time, and tat too bein my girlfren I was indeed sulkin in shyness
    Sylvin immediately removed her bra, and asked me to wear and compelled me to wear .. I obliged her and all my crossdressing thoughts filled my mind, I didn mention tat I had crossdressed to her b4, but I was filled with excitement… later sylvin pulled me to her and made me wore her bra. I felt so embarrassed tat I went and hugged her so tightly tat she remembers the way I hugged even nw. I was completely blushin, and seein me blush, sylvin enjoyed … she too blushed lookin at me and in fact when I grew moody over wearin bras, sylvin found out tat wearin bras made myself excited and moody….. she s a complete character and always prefer to keep me excited and more.. even b4 tat she always keeps me excited by touchin my crotch or caressing my nipples or stroking my back.. when she found tat makin me wear bras, made me excited and aroused , she took t as the primary weapon in arousal…. I was indeed flyin in a supernatural worls when sylvin made me wear bras….
    This was my first experience of wearin bra in front of my future wife.. we had many more experiences, outings, and more funny incidents which I wud like to share wit u all in further stories…
    Pl do respond and moreover there s lot more left in ma bag…
    p.s. me and my gf still enjoy playin and infact she was sittin right next to me , when I typed this story and yes, I m wearin a bra, stocking, a body suit with padded breasts, medium length skirt and a sleeveless girls top….. wait for more stories and true experiences between me and sylvin… enjoy

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    You have a very interesting story. I am sure that a lot of the girls would like to hear more about you and Sylvin. Bless you for having a accepting SO.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    " You'll look good in this bra too??" Ah yes, forced Femm............

    [ I] prefer to read NON fiction. Maybe you could start a journal for your storys?.

    Sorry, this has been written here before.
    Presh GG

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    I also would like to welcome you to the forum! That's a nice story and looking forward to reading more! Hugs!
    If you don't like the way I'm livin', you just leave this long haired country girl alone:

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    thanks to all... will keep updating with more personal experiences and more interesting stories.... hope to get the best support from u ....

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