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Thread: the most memorable night of an indian cd.... true exp of a lovely couple

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    the most memorable night of an indian cd.... true exp of a lovely couple

    hi frens, wanna share my next adventurous experience with u…
    the exper which I am about to share happened the previous night..
    me and sylvin are into crossdressing for almost 6 months, had a lot of weird exp but wanna share the most thrillin wit u
    sylvin has finished her coll and is nw workin part time in a bpo… fortunately she s been put up in night shifts and almost every day, she spends the morning wit me… I stay in a double bedroom apartment complex… it’s a typical indian styled apartment wit 4 houses per floor and cramped wit little outdoor space…

    in my vicinity , my 6 storeyed apt is the tallest and I stay at the 6th floor of t….
    as usual , sylvin came to ma place around 1pm, we enjoyed our lunch together… in fact I love cookin and made some egg omellete and pudina fried rice for her… in fact the role of cookin makes me feel as an indian house wife..

    we finished our lunch and got ourselves ready for our afternoon session of crossdressing.. I was getting used in draping sarees and by nw, I mastered the art of wearing cholis , lehenga , lingerie and other stuffs but never learnt the perfection of draping the indian saree… sylvin helped me with sarees each and every time..

    tat afternoon, I wore a peacock blue saree wit intricately designed blouse and petticoats and she carefully helped me wit the desired make up and accessories.. and moreover we had practised a lot of types, different dresses and western outfits as well as indian costumes.. we also played role plays and also included light bondage scenarios, like tyin up and tease, blindfold and tease and lot more simpler techniques to arouse each other .

    it was a wonderful afternoon, we shared our moments and the day was nearin its end… around 8pm, sylvin left for her work and I stayed bak at home , with my saree …

    the fun starts here,

    I had ma dinner, watched a movie and was settlin to sleep… …
    Sylvin called…. Normally she calls by around 12am, in fact tat was her session break and we spend few mins over the phone before I doze off
    She asked me hw I was, for which I replied tat I was still in the saree and was about to change over to pyjamas
    I was quite surprised to find out tat she was indeed relaxed and pleasant over the phone , usually she isn’t if she s in office

    Sylvin asked me to strip naked and asked me gently to wear the new white padded bra and matching stockings and garter…. I was quite surprised .. and immediately agreed to wear t.

    She then asked me to wear the pink and white corset which she bought online, I quite struggled to wear t by myself .. then sylvin asked me to take 4 dupattas ( a medium sized piece of rectangular cloth, usually teamed up wit chudidhars and cholis to cover the bosom ) …

    I was quite surprised as well as excited over sylvin s sudden act over the phone, I asked whether she was in office to which she replied tat she was and tol tat her session starts oly by 1…
    I obliged sylvin s words and guessed myself to be in a self bondage scenario, until sylvin comes the next morning…

    But sylvin asked me to go the terrace…

    We had already dared ourself in goin to terrace at nights either dressed up as a girl or naked, but that was the first time, sylvin asked me to go alone without her support,..

    I was quite scared and was also excited over goin to the terrace .. it was already 12.45 and I was confident tat everyone in ma apt was fast asleep.. I quietly slipped to the terrace in jus a white bra, stocking, garter , pink corset and the left over make up and accessories…

    Sylvin later asked me to tie myself up to the metal ladder tat leads up to the water tank….
    I refused, I was so scared of getting caught by neighbours , or anyone who turns up at the terrace at tat part of time… I refused to sylvin but she urged me to tie myself ..
    I cudn reject her words as well as cudn cheat her… bulidin up my confidence and the weirdest guts, I tied each of my leg to the legs of the metal ladder fixed slanting towards the over head tank..

    So there s no point of immediate escape nor cud I hide …. Later sylvin asked me to blindfold , and tie my hands using a cinch noose.. I pulled in all my fears and in the heights of excitement and blindfolded and tied my hands holdin my mobile in one hand
    Fears rolled over, was excited to the core, fear of getting caught ran through ma mind, I never thought hw I cud escape out of it and foolishly involved myself in an act of extreme danger and humiliation… I was confindent tat nobody wud turn up at tat part of the night to the terrace, so I convinced myself wit those thoughts… my excitement was building within , and the fears worsened with the slightest noise around me…

    Few mins passed and my mobile buzzed… bein blindfolded , I cudn see who was callin, but was talented enough to attend the call and switch it over to loud speaker mode keepin my eyes closed..

    I heard sylvin s voice, she asked hw I felt, and explained hw I was and hw insane I was to do something, without thinkin abt consequences….. I asked her to come and untie me ,.

    Sylvin started to laugh, which made me feel embarrassed as well as frustrated over the state I was…
    I tried to untie myself, but the harder I pulled, the tighter the knots cinched,,,, I was stuck. , my fears heightened, hopes dissolved, humiliation knockin over , if iwas like tat until the dawn breaks, tat s t… the honour and reputation of mine, wud dissolve within minutes..

    It was almost half an hour of struggle, and I was almost in tears, I tried callin sylvin to help me out, but she constantly cut ma call …

    Then, I heard some footsteps, it was the sound of a pointed heel clobberin up the stairs… I blasted in fear… I was scared whether it was my neighbour , who also works at a call center …

    I had the slightest doubt whether it was sylvin, I immediately pressed the redial button, oly to find tat her phone was switched off
    I heard the foot step nearin me, I stood in silence and in utmost fear… then I heard a faint giggle…

    I wasn quite sure of who it was, as well as I didn’t utter a word for the fears of getting caught..

    Then I heard the footstep fad away, I was down, weak in ma knees and was imagining myself in front of ma apt crowd, I thought tat my neighbour saw me and has gone home to bring her parents back to the terrace

    Suddenly I felt a hand on my bra, it was a gloved hand… I didn know who it was… I asked who it was… bt there was no reply nor any signs of sylvin… I tried even to use the sense of smell to find out sylvin s perfume,,, but cudn…

    I was stuck, In the hands of someone… I felt the hand caressing my nipples and I was almost drowned in ecstacy.. I stood unmoved … then I felt two hands over each of my nipples… I got aroused and without a panty, my member stood…
    Then there was caressing of my back, my crotch and all over ma body…
    I was struggling in humiliation and the thoughts of who the person is…

    I was quite annoyed and tried convincing ,,, but in no vain…

    Almost 15 mins passed … and I was almost in a peak of arousal and excitement….
    I felt a kiss over my lip….. immediately I found tat it was sylvin…
    She was quite surprised tat I found out who it was in jus a single kiss..

    She removed my blindfold…

    Wow.,,, tat was the sight of freedom and excitement…. I was completely down , and was indeed tired of thoughts runnin through ma mind….
    Sylvin stood in a white lace bra, a white lacey garter a sheer panty and a white fish net stocking…

    Whew , tat was almost a sight of pleasure… she hugged me and removed my binds…
    There we stood alike in similar clothin except for the corset I was wearin and the panty of slvin
    We had the best of our night, we discussed abt my thoughts, my imaginationa runnin through ma mind, and shared the deepest passion between her in the terrace
    This was my first outdoor experience and lookin forward for more….
    I cherish those moments and will cherish it the rest of ma life…. Credit goes to sylvin for her surprise and planning of things for tat night…. ‘
    Wish u readers had a nice moment readin my experience… hope to get the best reviews

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    Sounds pretty amazing, Hema! Quite a risk! Or was it just a wonderful dream?

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    thanks a lot for complementing persephone...... indeed tat was a true experience between me and sylvin... it was a dream come true.... wow... wish i get more surprises from sylvin....

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