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Thread: Beauty Salon Visit

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    Beauty Salon Visit

    [SIZE="4"]When you visit your local Beauty Salon, are your therapist's actually completely in the picture, why you want you body, legs ect waxing or nails doing Mine is & knows that I'm in the same trade too[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="3"] Mandy xx[/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]Dont knock it, till youve tried it[/SIZE]
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    I suspect that she is, since I go en femme complete with wig, breast forms, full make-up, heels, and a purse.

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    I had my manicure appointment today. I go in as a guy. No big deal. My nail tech talked about fashion and shopping while she worked on me. I paid, made my next appointment, told the girls goodbye and left.

    As you can see, it is really complicated.


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    I go to my hair, nail, waxing and massage appointments fully dressed, and always spend my time talking to the girls about fashion, makeup, jewelry, shoes and so forth, so I don't think there's any doubt about my interests or intentions. I'm always telling my hair stylist and eyebrow waxer to "make it girlier," which usually elicits a giggle from them.

    - Diane

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    I have gone for a pedicure a few times but the last time was the last time. I should have asked for the owner. if I were in their boots i know money is money and I would dispose of insolent wrong thinking employee's. Don't think I don't know what I'm talking about. I have employed many people through my time. So, the women who was doing my toes was very nice, then she asks me, Do you want colour/ and I answer Yes. She goes out to the reception to pick up a basket of colours, and not her, not the balance of their staff. but one women lets out a Whoop like it is the funniest thing she has ever heard. No Mistaking here. They won't see my $80 bucks any more. Vote with your wallet girls!

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    Most Salons are owned by Asians, I have absolutely no problem with that however I did visit a Salon once and because I was in guy mode, they assigned a male nail tech. to service me. What a disapointment.

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    Only done it once in male dress, and was too chicken to ask for color, to my everlasting regret. But the girls where very nice to me, and it was an open room so nothing need be said, it was all out front. Marney, did you at least call an let the owner know why she had lost your business, that's the only way she has of knowing. Paula, I'm just not sure what their being Asian has to do with it? And being in guy mode, and since they did have a male tech, they probably thought you would be more comfortable that way.
    Tina B.
    Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will.

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    I'm the maverick type. After many years of dealing with everything, I'm pretty confident just going out there and getting things done. When I need salon services I go in and very politely explain that I am a cross dresser and that I would like their services for myself. This sets things where all the questions about why I want this or that are pretty much moot and usually the rest of the conversation has typically been pleasant salon talk. (So fun to have the little Asian gals at the nail salon giggling as she asks me if I have a boyfriend or the lovely woman at the shoe store asking if I want to be able to dance in these heels).

    I think that more than the fact that I so casually "out" myself, it's the fact that I am confident and open and friendly that helps me. I don't go in acting "weird" or nervous or "wrong," I have a clear goal and state my needs clearly and I cut to the chase and move on. I do the same in clothing stores, when buying shoes, and any other time that I need a bit of service for my "feminine" needs. Mind you, this is the result of many years of doing this and I have been down the road of being the "weird," nervous, "wrong" guy in the ladies section who made everyone as uncomfortable as I was. I got tired of feeling bad and giving other people the creeps, though, so I just started telling people the truth about myself and I quickly discovered that things not only went much easier 9 times out of 10 but that I actually began to have fun and that many people I met responded to my openness and friendliness by being friendly to me and that the fun I'd always wanted to have was actually happening. Now I look forward to shopping trips, trips to the salon, or anything else where I might come home with a new "feminine" treasure to enjoy.

    Again, just sharing my experiences. I'm no better or worse than anyone else, cross dressing is no easier on me than anyone else. This is what I've been through and how I try to deal with things, that's all. Hope something helps someone. Much love!
    “Crossdressing. Not Wrong. Crossdressing While Robbing a Bank. Wrong.” -Jessica Who

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    I go once a week, I use a beauty college, I have been a regular there for years, each new class gets to know me very quickly. Beauty colleges are a good inexpensive alternative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulacder View Post
    Most Salons are owned by Asians, I have absolutely no problem with that however I did visit a Salon once and because I was in guy mode, they assigned a male nail tech. to service me. What a disapointment.
    That's interesting because at the salon I go to (always in guy mode), owned and operated by Asians I always get a young lady, which I def prefer. This week I went in and had to wait a bit until a lady tech was available. In the meantime, a lady came in for a pedi and she immediately had a guy wait on her. Believe me, I did NOT mind waiting.....

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