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Thread: random weekly questions

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    Just another day in my world

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    I would go buy a new swimsuit, the go to the beach.

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    I would rush to city hall to find out if the law has changed so my wife and I could stay married, I would hate to give up the tax breaks. While I was out, maybe a little shopping for the new me.
    Tina B.
    Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will.

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    Pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming, then look forward to the rest of my life. Aren't there questions like this in those gender ID tests?
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    "Oh Well" then become really, really, really, obsessed borderline psyhotic about my weight.

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    I would call in sick. Take the new equipment for a spin, dress as sexy as I could, and then go shopping.

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    I guess I'd run with it. What else could I do? But I'd no doubt be a bit confused about it. It would be all about finding your way all over again. I'd be wondering how long it was going to last.

    Any money found in the laundry is MINE!

    "This is no social crisis....this is me having fun!"

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    Since I would still know what it's like to be a guy, it would a bit easier to enjoy both genders! But Karren is right on the mark as the F2M forum would get another member!

    Overall, I'd be rather sad. I like it very much the way it is right now!

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    Look in the mirror say what an ugly girl then go back asleep for more beauty sleep.

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    the happy camper
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    Along with changing her memories, did you also change my wife's sexual preference? Cause otherwise I'm probably gonna need a divorce lawyer. :/


    Okay, let's just assume you did so that I can answer the question as asked. Here are the top three things I would do:

    1) Check to see how I like the new equipment.
    2) Check to see how I look dressed up.
    3) Go shopping.

    Honestly, I'm not sure I'd like being a real woman. It's a fun thing to fantasize about and play around with, but there are things I like about being a guy that I would miss. One in particular. :/
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    I have a feeling that would make me stop drinking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diane Douglas View Post
    I would call in sick. Take the new equipment for a spin, dress as sexy as I could, and then go shopping.
    Take the new equipment for a spin. I would have put it as explore the new body. I'd definitely go shopping and get me some new capris. Billie Jean
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    I Would Go Buy The Wadrobe I Always Wished i had had and the find out what sex is "really" like for a woman.

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    Life then would be a peice of cake. Easy as pie. And when I met a new man it would be so easy to tell him how horrible all my exes have done me. All 400 of them. And I'd say, damn, it's so hard to find a good man.

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    I'd go shopping
    then i'd go home and play with my new bewbs all day. And other naughty things.
    Then i'd have my wife do them to me.

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    I would be one Very Happy Girl, put on makeup, dress as sexxy as possible and then take the new equipment out and find a Man. Then go shopping for a new outfit, go to a straight bar and retest my new equipment again!!

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    If everybody who once knew me by my real identity, but can now only recognize me in my new form, and forgot everything about my former self, I would keep the truth to myself. To try and convince them of my true identity would probably land me in the looney bin.
    Luv and Jill

    Straight, into Fantasy Land

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    Talking andom weekly question 2

    last weeks question:
    if you awoke and your gender had been changed, every photo, record and memory any one has of you all show you in your new gender and your the only one who knows the truth. what would you do and why?
    there where far more replys then i was expecting and they where all awesome so im going to list the top 3:

    Karren Hutton, Go join the F2M forum, what else?
    Alicia Grey, My Prayers would have been answered, then I would ask for youth
    Lorileah, Take a shower, get dressed, make sure I didn't have a lazy husband somewhere, check the date on the milk, feed the cat and go to work...sort of like every other day.

    and this weeks random question is.....

    what is the strangest thing some one has said to you when youve gone out in female mode?
    leave your interesting or creative answers below.

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    I wasn't en femme but I was in boy in a skirt mode and I was at the Gap and this lady approached me and she was bewildered by my outfit, she asked me if I'd made my own skirt, like she couldn't fathom that I'd bought it at a store. I told her it was a woman's skirt but I liked it and so that's why I wore it. Then when she finally got her head around it, she saw me picking up a skirt I liked and she said "Would you wear something that short?" (for the record it wasn't all that short!)

    It was funny to me how quickly she went from not understanding my personal style to suddenly just judging my taste in clothing, and possibly calling me a tease.
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    Bend over I think I'm in love!
    If you don't like the way I'm livin', you just leave this long haired country girl alone:

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    OkI'm a week behind, but if i woke up as a girl It would be woohoo.. What speeding fines?! they cant be mine officer..
    Then hmm play with boobs or shopping... nah.. play with boobs.... clothes would just get in the way.. Lastly, gimme bloody chocolate I think I'm having my period!!

    My Yin is meeting my Yang..
    When people can only see the circle,
    Then I will be complete!

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