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Thread: How come this pulls the carpet?

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    How come this pulls the carpet?

    I don't get why some TS might do all these surgeries and feel superior, yet when the subject of voice comes up, they start dancing around it?

    Since when did something hidden in your jeans become more important than something that everyone hears?

    They might be like, "I tried and I cannot do it". Well, neither could a lot of voice-trained TS either, at one point.

    So me, I get called "she/ma'am" more often than not, and I don't think I "pass" really. I stand to pee (yes I said it) and am not girly-girl. yet my voice never gives me away. So where does that put an Erin?
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    First, it's only a competition if you make it one. “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” [Eleanor Roosevelt].

    Concerning the voice, some people have an easier time of it than others. We all have different aptitudes and vocal control is one of them. I'm sure that Mel Blanc would have done very well.
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    YAY! for girly voices! I just started doing right away I wasn't even positive i was a TS at that point I just thought i wanted to CD ALL THE TIME lol. it has gotten better and i think my voice is the least of my problems. I'm thinking about going to see a speech therapist just to see what she says i can do to improve. I know i don't have the range i had as a male because I'm basically at the top of my lower vocal cord range with my femme voice but girls don't typically have as much range as men any way. My biggest problem is that i can't really go any higher with out going into falsetto.

    I think people just place the highest importance on the things that were the most important for them and down play the importance of those things that they find difficult.

    like i said in Melissa's incredibly long lived thread, stand to pee if you like just do it out side at my house, I JUST CLEANED THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!! : P
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    In my opinion, 90% of passing is from the neck up, and that includes the voice. People respond emotionnally and have a strong connection to sound. There are plenty of ultra-butch women who do not pass as females at first glance, but are immediately accepted as women once they open their mouths. Some experts say that male caracteristics outweigh female ones by a factor of four to one, but the voice is more primordial and more inherent to gender than anything else.

    One question though: How do you know what other people feel, especially superior?
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    nicole voice is really important.

    It can make you pass when your appearance would give you away ..

    Frankly, that's your problem if you feel inferior..for me i felt overwhelming inferiority to other "humans" and i solved that problem by transitioning and ultimately getting srs..

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