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Thread: is it normal for a guy to compliment ladys

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    is it normal for a guy to compliment ladys

    I was wondering if its normal for a man to tell a lady something like "cute skirt,,, or thats a pretty blouse",, I caught myself saying cute skirt to a lady i was talking to yesterday and after we parted ways I thought to myself should I have said that,, it was cute,, it had layers and the print was fun and she smiled and said awww,, thanks... do you think she thought to herself after I left,, that was odd of a man saying that?
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    It's normal for me to say that.
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    I complement women on their clothes all the time, and it always gets a smile and a thank you.
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    I don't think it is, though I find myself wanting to compliment on things like hair, nail polish, clothes etc... but haven't said a thing as I don't want to stand out. I mean I haven't heard any guys saying that's a nice dress you're wearing even though it is quite lovely. I think crossdressing gives us an appreciation for the style of women's clothes that most men take for granted (or we might simply be more willing to acknowledge our appreciation of the beauty/style of the clothes where as most men try not to go down that path).

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    I do it all the time! So yeah it's normal for me! But who said I was normal!!
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    Absolutely! The problem that we face is that the compliment cannot be construed as a come on. Yes, I do it all the time but I also try to include why I like the outfit, the accessory or shoes. Such remarks like, "I like that top you are wearing, that design/color really suits you. Where did you find it?" Asking where they bought/found it takes the edge off the compliment plus if it really struck my eye, I am interested in finding out if it looks as good on me!

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    I think a lot of men will not complement a women because It just does not cross there minds. Or they would feel stupid, and embarrassed, especially in front of there mates. [Or buddies if you are American]
    Which is a shame because I cannot believe a woman would not be flattered?
    I have complemented a woman on her dress before and the smile I received back made my day.


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    I know I do. Mostly it's a woman I know from work or other social setting. But once in awhile it might be a customer or a woman I had reason to converse with. I think for the most part, they enjoy hearing a compliment from anyone as long as it does not come across as a pass or sexual.

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    It's certainly normal for one woman to compliment another on a cute outfit. The fact that you did it indicates that this transformation we're involved in goes deeper than just clothes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn cd View Post
    It's certainly normal for one woman to compliment another on a cute outfit. The fact that you did it indicates that this transformation we're involved in goes deeper than just clothes.
    Interesting. I was just talking to one of the girls at the office today about this. She said that a woman's attitude immediately changes when she knows someone is gay (or equivalent) because they are no longer a threat. They are more vulnerable, but also willing to discuss things they would not ordinarily discuss with guys.

    So, if you are not a threat, these sort of comments would be accept for what they are. Otherwise, they may be interpreted through a filter.

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    It's nice when a man notices our attire. Usually men will say, "You look nice today." But, they can't exactly put together what you did that looks really good haha. Compliments that we generally look nice are always good. But, the best compliments are specific like "that dress really looks nice on you" or "I really like that color of blouse on you." (I'm from Alabama....I say blouse). It's a bit more "abnormal" to say "cute dress" or "cute shoes." My gay best friend says this a lot, but he's pretty much the only one. Most guys just say they how whatever article of clothing I have on looks on me.. I wouldn't automatically think a guy was gay just because he said "cute dress, girl!"...but, I might find it a bit more amusing than the other style of compliments. Either way, all compliments are nice as long as you aren't being a creeper.
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    If a co worker looks beautiful/pretty, then I only say "you look good today". To be on the safer side, I add "today" just to imply that "i don't notice you everyday". It also matters how you say it. If you say it with wild open eyes, she may perceive it as a harassment.

    Also, I don't think you could be charged for harassment for saying "You are dressed very professional", because what follows this comment is generally "Are you meeting any clients?". Even otherwise, I think this is okay.

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    [QUOTE=crossdrezzer1;2544292]I was wondering if its normal for a man to tell a lady something like "cute skirt,,, or thats a pretty blouse",,

    There is nothing wrong with complimenting a lady on her dress or her general appearance, (except when you say things like "Yo nice boobs you have there babe"). The fact that you even noticed at all is a huge boost to their self confidence just as it is with us when we get complimented. I complemented a lady at work one time on her shoes which happened to be a very pretty pair of strappy heels and she smile and said thank you and then asked me if I liked strappy type shoes to which I answered yes that they really showed off a woman's legs and that they were also very sexy looking. After that our relationship took a good turn because were did not get along very well prior to that and I think her home life really sucked so attention from another man that was positive was a good thing for her. I say don't be afraid to compliment on a woman's appearance but do it with sincerity.
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    I compliment on clothing all the time and have always had positive feedback

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