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Thread: is it normal for a guy to compliment ladys

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    I guess it depends on how confident you are.

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    [QUOTE=crossdrezzer1;2544292]I was wondering if its normal for a man to tell a lady something like "cute skirt,,, or thats a pretty blouse",,

    There is nothing wrong with complimenting a lady on her dress or her general appearance, (except when you say things like "Yo nice boobs you have there babe"). The fact that you even noticed at all is a huge boost to their self confidence just as it is with us when we get complimented. I complemented a lady at work one time on her shoes which happened to be a very pretty pair of strappy heels and she smile and said thank you and then asked me if I liked strappy type shoes to which I answered yes that they really showed off a woman's legs and that they were also very sexy looking. After that our relationship took a good turn because were did not get along very well prior to that and I think her home life really sucked so attention from another man that was positive was a good thing for her. I say don't be afraid to compliment on a woman's appearance but do it with sincerity.
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    I compliment on clothing all the time and have always had positive feedback

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    As a young man many years ago, I was taught that complimenting a woman on her clothes was very appropiate!! Of course I was a crossdresser at the time, so it didn't bother me at all. Most women like to be complimented, and unless you make the comments in a rather derogatory way you would never hear of any sexual harassment charges!! I have been doing this sort of thing for well over 50 years ( been a CD for over 70 years) and have never had a negative reaction. As I said, women like to be complimented!! Actually, I think CD's do too!!

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    Ever since I started going to the salon for manicures and pedis I seem to notice a woman's nails a lot more now. If anything, that is what I'd most likely compliment. I assume women would have no objections in that long as I don't say something like...."very nice hooker" nails, etc I should be OK.....

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