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Thread: Introduction to CD

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    Introduction to CD

    Heya gals.

    I'm a real newbie here, and I'm not exactly sure where to begin.

    As it is though, I've felt that I want to look more feminine for most of my life, and haven't had the chance to be so far. I’ve struggled with these feelings before--even now I feel a bit guilty for writing this online! I've read many resources, watched countless youtube videos and dreamed of myself as a princess (silly, but true) too many times to count, but I've never had the strength to even try to act anything less than masculine before. I'm quite self-conscious, and have fairly low self-esteem, but I know that I'd feel happier as a confident, cool, and dare I say it, sexy, woman. I think I'd like to take my first steps into proper cross-dressing, but I have absolutely no idea HOW, and the thought of learning so much daunts me.

    Bearing in mind that I am a student in the UK and living on an extremely tight budget (not kidding), are there any cheap but good products anyone can recommend to start me off? If anyone has good quality advice I'd like to hear it too--I've lived most of my life without any sort of moisturiser at all, because that's not "what guys do", just as one example. I'm also quite tall (6 foot 3 ish, though I'm not exactly broad shouldered) and have HUGE size 14 shoes, though I'd like to find some lovely dresses and heels in my size sometime too.



    (Apologies if this is in the wrong place!)

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    Windy, if you have a girlfriend, tell her about your interest in cross dressing. She will be your best bet in choosing make-up and fashion. If you do not have a girlfriend, yet, then YouTube is a great resource for style and make-up. Thrift stores are quite an easy way to get inexpensive but gently used clothing. You may have to shop a lot, but the deals are there. You are quite tall, so stick with flats. Good luck.

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    I was in your position 5 months ago! When you get to 10 posts feel free to PM me, I'll tell you everything you need to know.

    Ebay is awesome for finding good clothes at cheap prices, and Amazon isn't too shabby either. You can find cheap makeup at beauty supply stores, so you can get lots of different shades to practice with and find your style before you go for the premium products.

    Shoes are gonna be a tough one for you, in public since you're so tall you should stay with flats or sandals, but nothing says you can't wear heels at home, they're quite fun! Gonna be tough to find them in your size unfortunately.

    If you don't want to grow out your hair, or to tide you over while you do, you might want a wig. The good ones get kinda pricey but you can find a decent enough cheap one on ebay in the meantime.

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    Welcome aboard! Best advice I can give is to keep reading and don't be afraid to ask questions. As for clothes on a budget, thrift stores are a good place to start. Take a breath and relax, most of us have been where you are!
    Comfortable in my own skin.

    "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity, and never cease to be amazed by it!" Lazarus Long

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    Thank you all for the very kind comments!

    Jenniferathome, I do not have a girlfriend at the moment. Although I have a slant towards women I consider myself bi...but all in all I'm pretty happy with being single at the moment. I'll definitely look into thrift shops around London.

    Violet, thanks so much! I'll be sure to PM you soon, though I warn you there will be questions about EVERYTHING. I've actually bought a wig already (though it was from China and on Ebay, so I'm a little suspicous...:/).

    Charleen, I'll do my best to relax. Perhaps with time I can feel trully confident in my female persona and, like you, feel comfortable in my own skin <:.

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    I just happened to be reading the clasified on this forum, there is a thread there with / about size 14-15 shoes.

    Just sayin'
    Presh GG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windy View Post
    I've never had the strength to even try to act anything less than masculine before.
    Good choice of the word "strength," because that's what it takes. "Honesty" is another good one. By coming here asking questions, you're already demonstrating strength and you're being honest with yourself that this isn't something that'll go away. I'm much older than you and I know it's a part of me as much as the blood in my veins.

    I guess my advice would be to just start really slowly and build momentum. The "pink fog" will likely take hold of you at some point then you'll be wondering how to slow down.

    You'll be fine. You're asking the best group of people I can imagine.
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