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Thread: underdressing

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    i play a lot of poker,i hadent underdressed in along time. we had a big tourny. wore my fav lingere ended up winning. is there anything there
    can i go from prettieboyinneed to prettyboy

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    Sure there's somthing there! You were more aware! You were watching everyone else to see if they notice anything! Plus you were happy with your accomplishment, problely wondering who was going to blurt something out first! You were double gambling on the chance you were taking! Hey! You were having double fun! I say keep going with underdressing and the best part each time you will get braver! And even better yet you will get more careless and more dareing! Then the fun really begins when you get caught and have the pleasure of trying to explain!
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    You won?

    Maybe they were your lucky undies!
    Whenever I have worn a skirt in male mode, there have never been any issues at all.

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    Or when you finally say "Screw it", and start wearing women's jeans/slacks, tops and shoes on a regular basis. There's plenty of femme clothing that's close enough to being gender neutral, so that only the most observant will have any clue.

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    I like Cyntia's idea. Each time you're in a tourney, add something a bit more conspicuous...maybe a bra and forms and see how it goes. Then some eye shadow, etc, etc...perhaps your competitors will be so perplexed that they'll be off thier game.

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