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Thread: CD vs TG

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    CD vs TG

    Is there a accurate way to know if your a cd or tg? I know some people fall somewhere in between the two, but I really want to know what I am. How did you girls find out what you were??

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    It's whether you just like dressing or you actually what to become anatomically identical to that gender that you want to be. I would say I'm in between or leaning towards the latter.
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    When you get to the point of feeling that it's "just clothes" to you and you are dressing this way to "fit into" the gender you are probably TS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoen40 View Post
    Is there a accurate way to know if your a cd or tg? I know some people fall somewhere in between the two, but I really want to know what I am. How did you girls find out what you were??
    Assuming you actually meant TS since cross-dressers also cross the gender stereotype, then I would say that if you have felt for quite a long time that you don't fit the gender assigned to you at birth you are quite probably transsexual. Unfortunately as far as I am aware there is no outside objective test that can accurately determine whether another person is transsexual or not.

    If you are an MtF cross-dresser and like being a man part of the time then you are almost definitely not suffering from acute gender dysphoria.

    To answer the 2nd part of your post, I found out when I was about 7 or 8 that I didn't feel right as a boy, but I didn't know how to tell anyone about it. Later on, I tried to persuade myself that I could get by as a man but the feeling of wrongness didn't go away. When I got to the point of having to act on the knowledge, although I tried to lie to myself that I could be a bloke in a dress, I knew it was not true. It took me far too long to act on what I have always known.
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    Ill come at this a bit different .

    From age 10 i knew i was different both male & female there were things in side of my self in my thinking & body in some ways . i just knew . there was never a ? of am i a male or female that did not happen , for me it never changed im 64 in 5 days , im accepted as a woman who's different intersexed. & i can not seperate male from female for me its just not possibale .

    For some its not about your body its how you think inside not a contrived idear of . oh i think im a woman sorry that does not work for me its i am a woman just i have a male side of me thats part of who i am.

    You see we are all different i dont think like a trans person did not dress in female clothes tho i had been dressed by My Mum , & for a church end of year do. so thats about it .

    20 years ago i did try on some womens clothes for fun never dressed up. 14 years ago i knew i was going to live the rest of my life as to who i am a woman. & thats what im doing tho i knew a long time before that i would of cause as to the when that did not happen till 14 years ago.

    There has never ever been any dought & i was never told or asked as some say are you a woman . i have allways been one & same with male , its all a part of my make up as a person.

    Dont let any one tell you what they think you are just allow your inner being to come out & at the right time itll work & youll know,

    The neat thing is just be your self dont contrive to be what your not accept who you are & go with it, If you like dressing then dress . if youd like life as a woman then let it shine from you, dont force it enjoy being you,

    do enjoy your life ,love life & thats what im doing . dont have expections of what you think a woman is because we are all different just express it be it love it .

    My looks dont denote a woman as such , so what , like some i know not every woman looks like a woman trust me & i have that from other women as well.
    & last, only you will know in your self .

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    TG is an umbrella

    In an effort to keep things simple...I've always considering CDing as something you do and TG is something you are.

    But these are labels and labels get debated here constantly. Maybe it would be better to describe how you feel, how often you dress, the degree to which it interferes with "life"....what compromises you feel you're making, etc. and have others come up with a label for you. Not to suggest that others would know more than you about what you are but perhaps others have already walked the path.


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    Ask yourself this one question, can you live with being a male for the rest of your natural life? The CD can, the TS cannot.

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    Rianna says it pretty good. Most transgender women KNOW that they are. If you are questioning this issue, perhaps gender therapy will help you figure it out. But it's something that TG women have known, like, forever.


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    johndoen40, others have clarified here that the meaning of transgender is an umbrella term that covers:

    1. Crossdressers or Transvestites are people who simply cross-dress
    opposite to their birth gender/sex - this also includes drag kings & queens.

    2. Androgyne & Gender Queer which also includes many gay, lesbian & bisexual people
    who identify as both male/female or don't identify with anyone gender group as such.

    3. Transsexuals are people who usually take cross-sex hormones because they want to transition from
    their original birth sex/gender & have the desire to change their bodies & live as a member of the opposite sex.

    So if you want to know how do you know if you are a transsexual or a cross-dresser, the cross-dresser won't suffer
    from a gender identity crisis (GID) that compels them to transition by taking cross-sex hormones & desiring GRS/SRS.
    I hope that clarifies things for you.
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