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Thread: When you dress, where do you start?

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    When you dress, where do you start?

    For me, it's the shoes.
    If I can find a gorgeous pair of heels or wedges, I can build an entire outfit around it.
    Then comes makeup and jewelery. If everything looks right, I'll paint my nails in a color that compliments my outfit.

    But for me, A good pair of shoes is the foundation, and everything else compliments it.

    What about you girls? Where do you start?
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    I start in the bedroom!
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    I start by slowly rolling my pink, fishnet Thigh Highs up my legs, followed by my thong, then to the satin teddy. Then I do my eye lashes, lipstick, nails. After that, I throw on a necklace and finally my long, brunette wig - for me the foundation is the perfect wig

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    I start with a pretty dress. I choose what dress I'd like to wear, hopefully something that compliments the mood I'm in. It's no wonder to me that women often say they have nothing to wear when they have a closet full of clothes. I then compliment it with shoes and appropriate jewelry. Hopefully, when I'm done, I have a workable look going.

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    That's an interesting question! Since I dress everyday it really depends on what I'm going to be doing! If I'm going shopping rather it be groceries or whatever I start with my makeup then my hair! Then my clothes! Shoes are last!
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    Like TGMarla I start with the outfit, suited to my mood and what venue I will be wearing it, then select a pair of shoes from 2 or 3 style options like open toed if suitable and I've had recent pedicure (prefered) , or closed pumps. Cynthia Anne is correct that you have to start with the makeup and hair, but even what makeup I wear and hairstyle has to compliment my outfit and shoes for that overall expression of myself.

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    Where to start? Shaving, sadly… Every morning. Such a pain to rid myself of the xy to become xx.
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    Ahhh usally I start in the bedroom, and with a pair of panties. Don`t know where everyone else starts.

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    I start in front of the bathroom mirror!

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    I'm like TS, I usually build the outfit around the shoes.

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    I start in my head. Somethings says HEY it's Jeannie time go put on some pretty panties, and a pretty bra then then find a pretty top and decide (and don't take all day) what kind of skirt you want to wear, then hair, jewelry and if I have time make up and but here lately it's been just lipstick and then your done. I am done until I hate what I'm wearing and then it's back to the closet. In reality I usually know what I'm going to wear before I start all of this. I don't have lot stuff to begin with so the decision is not that hard. In the last year I have been going more the casual but cute look instead of dress to the nines. I do this because most women I see are usually dressed casual and I just love the sleeveless tank top kind of tops. There kind, sorta like the female version of the wife beater but not really. Maybe?
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    I begin at my lingerie chest...mmm, what to wear. What will I wear under that tight top, should I match my lingerie or just wear what I feel like wearing.
    Then it's off to the bathroom for makeup...and my crowning hair.
    Now I can decide everything else...I'm ready for anything.
    I don't wear women's clothes, I wear MY clothes !

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    terrapin station, you need to guess a little bit
    i agree with Marla, i pick the outfit out

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    Like some others, I start in the bedroom!! But since Stephanie's clothes are in 3 different rooms, I am usually all over the place. I do usually put on panties first, but sometimes I choose the bra first!! But since I am the only one who is getting dressed, who really cares??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daphne View Post
    Ahhh usally I start in the bedroom, and with a pair of panties. Don`t know where everyone else starts.
    That's what I do.
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    I agree with Jeannie, It starts with the thought. then the shower with shaving. I usually have no clue what I'm going to wear until I have tried on my 4th top and 3rd skirt or set of capris. Then on to makeup. Still have no shoes (but that's coming soon!)
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    Well, I come up with what I want to wear, leggings, dress, skirt? Then what to wear with it. Assemble the outfit in my mind.

    Following that I figure the makeup design.

    Then I strip, put on the hose that I shall wear with said outfit, then put on my make up. Once that is done I put on the rest of the outfit.
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    The same way a gg does. First, bra and panties, then hose, apply makeup, get dressed, put on wig and shoes, final primp and VOILA!

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    I start by getting out of bed then a shower,makeup then hair. matching outfits and shoes then breakfast.

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    I don't start.... Technically since I'm wearing something feminine all the time.... I never stopped.....
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    Either the bedroom or the bathroom, or with clean undies. Preferably clean undies is my first choice.

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    Orange County, Calif.

    Red face I absolutely ALWAYS start with a tuck!

    Using at least 2 pairs of panties so that I'm femininely flat!

    I'm SKIPPING the mental prep part. Because in my case, that can begin weeks in advance and revolve around one simple item or an entire combo!
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    pantyhose put me in a trance....when I come out of it, ime fully dressed....dana

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    I get a good clean shave, pick out my outfit, put my makeup on then get dressed.

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