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Thread: When you dress, where do you start?

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    Well if you want to get down to the nitty gritty, I start by shaving my face (fortunately I have a very hard time growing facial hair, so its easy), then I start a hot shower and step in to start the process of shaving my body clean (off with all of my body hair), then I moisturize my entire body to get that smooth womanly feel to my skin. Then I start with the sexy clothing and stuff
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    Since I wear a bra and panties to bed, I start by deciding what is on the agenda for the day and whether I will go out or not. If not, I may loll around most of the day, working on the computer or doing washing (delicates, lingerie etc, if I am in need of something clean). Later it is a shower and nice clean undies, changing the colors of the bra and panties. Then a suitable topping, sundress or nice cool sheer top and skirt. The wig is the last. It is summer so no hosiery for me. Don't have a problem with makeup as I am not into that yet.

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    [SIZE="4"]I start with a garter belt and stockings, then the rest of my lingerie, then my heels. Now I'm in the mood for shaving and makeup and then the crowning glory of my hair. After that I'm ready for outer garments and accessories. Sort of like a fantasy if you think about it. [/SIZE]

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    A good coffee.............

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    I start with a clean pair of panties then look into my closet and whatever catches my fancy is what I wear. I can accessorise and color coordinate as I go.
    Luv and Jill

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    I start with makeup. I basically decide to wear whatever I end up wearing based on how I did my eyes. And I can roll this way because I only go out once every couple of years

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    I start with a shave and a shower. Hate to put nice clothes on when I'm hairy and dirty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charleen View Post
    I start in the bedroom!
    Great answer!
    Same here, but for a little more info, bottom to top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daphne View Post
    Ahhh usally I start in the bedroom, and with a pair of panties. Don`t know where everyone else starts.
    It is the same story here, but I guess if I was to be a little more inspirational, then it would be on
    deciding what outfit I was going to wear and then to make sure that I had the just the right amount
    of bling to go with it to suit where ever it is or special occasion that I might be going to. Be sure to
    never overdo it.

    It pays to sometimes be a little under-dressed, especially if you are going to a wedding for example
    or you might make the bride feel like she is being upstaged & that you are making a move for her man.
    Don't laugh, because I know of situations like this where this does actually happen!

    It is quite common for natal females to believe that we are trying to outdo them when it comes to fashion.
    My ex-girlfriend got really pissed off when someone paid me a huge compliment about how I looked & not her.
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