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Thread: So, dressing DOESN'T turn u on! And, u dress because----?

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    Wink So, dressing DOESN'T turn u on! And, u dress because----?

    [SIZE="3"]Ok! DON'T get excited! I know many of u dress to represent the gender u feel u actually r, or should have been![/SIZE]

    So, sliding your hand over your sheer nylon covered legs does NOTHING at all for u!?

    And, that belt, girdle, or corset squeezing in at your waist is simply a HO HUM feeling for u!?

    Those hi-heels that change your posture and cause that mincing sort of walk, nothing titillating there, rite!?

    Your weighty breast forms wiggle as u walk. Those, and your hip/butt pads give u a FEM SHAPE under your outfits. Men find it stimulating! But to u, it's nothing more that your every day look!

    Finally, u finish with EVERYTHING and look at that stunning babe in your mirror. But, no eye popping, jaw dropping, or racing pulse for u! U only feel relaxed and content!

    I got worked up just typing this! But, u feel NO EXCITEMENT when u dress? REALLY!?
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    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    CD is 100% a very sexual and erotic experience for me, so I 100% understand what you're saying

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    Sherry, I think you stumbled upon a dirty unspoken secret. =X
    “What would we be if we were normal? I can't even picture it.” – Sookie Stackhouse

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    Nope, as a transsexual female, presenting as a female is just expressing myself as my true self.

    Most women feel sexy when they are dressed up nicely & ready to go out,
    but that doesn't equate into a quick masturbation session before going out.

    While high heels look nice they are terrible to walk in even if you can handle walking in them
    OK - after awhile you feet hurt, so nope there is nothing titillating about any of that. It could
    be different for a cross-dresser who puts them on for a short time to pose for a few pictures
    then to take care of other' business. but heels don't do it for me like you might expect. I am
    a practical girl, so I rather wear a nice pair of flat soled shoes or just a small heel for comfort.

    The bottom line is there is usually no transvestic fetishism involved if you are transsexual.

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    No. Would you ask a natal-woman who dresses in such a manner if it turns her on? The desire to look and feel sexy does not always equate to sexual arousal. Actually even for many cross dressers they do not get aroused by themselves. Many even draw a line of distinction between cross dressers, being someone who does not dress for sexual arousal, and a transvestite, being some who does dress for sexual arousal.
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    oh yeah, it's a huge turn on... I love it.

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    When I first started CDing around around ten and into my teens, I would get turned on by dressing up or often times, just thinking about dressing up. However, once I realized I truly should have been born female and started the path to transition, all those feelings came to a halt.

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    I wish it didn't, sometimes it really gets annoying.

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    it dont matter what clothing I have on, Im sexual. more so sexual that all the clothing has to come off anyways, it gets to hot.

    heels they stay on..
    Eyes alight with glowing hair
    all that fancy paints as fair
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    "So, sliding your hand over your sheer nylon covered legs does NOTHING at all for u!"
    Hmmm maybe that is the reason why nylons are retired once it becomes a gender thing

    "And, that belt, girdle, or corset squeezing in at your waist is simply a HO HUM feeling for u!?"
    even more items that seem to disappear out of the wardrobe

    "Those hi-heels that change your posture and cause that mincing sort of walk, nothing titillating there, rite!?"
    The titillation could possibly be the unspoken discomforts of wearing heels


    Out of sight, out of mind

    Perhaps it's the progression in body modification/transformation and lifestyle that replaces the clothing for the cause of excitement. But of course the excitement is out grown with time
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    i guess you can say i get excited, but not in a sexual way.

    more like just the excitement of being me out for a day. but as for heels. low ones (2in or less) do make my feet hurt less then flats. (back and/or foot problems).

    yes i do love how some items feel, just so silky smooth, but only in how they feel, i leave the "other" things for those that only have a interest there. for me it is putting on a nice outfit, and enjoy some time away from home, aka shopping, lunch, etc.

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    My 2 cents for this thread is this...

    After reading some others posts I would say that at some point we all are turned on by dressing to our own definition of a hot sexy cute pie. For those that go deeper and start a transition process the turn on turns into a new way of life and therefore the overall turn on slips away and is replaced by being comfortable in ones own skin. Not saying the turn on is forever gone, when you have a night out or a special occasion you dress for it and pending what you pick out to wear can be a turn on because you feel good about yourself and what you have chosen to wear. For me being just a CD...I strive for that perfect look, that hot sexy look to share with my fiance. So its a big turn on for me to wear all those things that help me achieve that goal. I have no desire to transition but I love playing the part! To answer the last part of the post...I dress to see how hot I can look and I dress for my fiance so we have girl playtime together...


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    When I first started crossdressing, I was about 5. Back then, I didn't know what sex was but I knew that I enjoyed it. Through puberty, it was a turn on.

    Then, as I grew up, I grew out of the sexual stimulation. I began dressing to present myself as female, including hair and makeup rather than just wearing clothes. Even while I was still closeted, I found that it gradually changed from sexually stimulating to intellectually stimulating.

    Now, I go out frequently and the most enjoyable thing is behaving and being treated as a woman. My most enjoyable outings are those with a group of GG friends who know who I am but treat me as the woman I present myself as.

    My underwear is chosen to contribute to my gender illusion. I use plain bras that are cut full enough to cover my breast forms but low enough cut to show cleavage that draws attention away from my face. I wear a gaf, padding and a body shaper to create a realistic illusion of a female shape. Over that, I'll wear whatever I want to wear to present the image of the woman that I want people to see me as, which often includes pantihose or tights, a dress or skirt and, at night, stiletto heels of 4" or more. All of my clothes and shoes are mainstream women's garments.

    I don't consider myself to be transsexual, as I have no desire to transition and I do not find my genitals repulsive. I used to just consider myself a crossdresser, but to clarify the distinction from those who do it for sexual enjoyment, I now prefer the more descriptive terms "social crossdresser" or "femulator". In some ways, I suppose "part time non-op transsexual" would be a more accurate description of how I behave but not of who I am.

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    Sexual stimulation is a "brain thing" anyway so it doesn't really take all of that dressing to be aroused just the thought of it is enough. That is until all the T blockers kick in and stop it.
    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. Mark Twain

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    At my age nothing is that much of a turn on! Yes back in my teens and early twenties it became a turn on, but I out grew that, and dress for the pleasure of the feelings of femininity it gives me, but nothing sexual about it anymore. Funny, now I dress more than I ever did when it was a lot more sexual.
    Tina B.
    Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joanna41 View Post
    After reading some others posts I would say that at some point we all are turned on by dressing to our own definition of a hot sexy cute pie.
    You would be wrong in your assumption there because many transsexuals never had any arousal through 'cross-dressing'. I
    started dressing up as a female at a very young age & long before I knew anything about sex, so there was never anything
    sexual about it - this is about who I truly am. I use to dress up purely to see the girl I truly was in the mirror & it was an
    image that was left permanently burnt into my memory that I will never forget. So my motivation for dressing & transitioning
    has nothing to do with sexuality at all - it was purely because my body did not match my true gender identity, nothing more.

    In my experience in the transgender community, it is only the male to female
    cross-dressers with a sexual fetish (transvetic fetishism) that make this type
    of incorrect assumption about other members of the transgender community.
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    It is so I can meet wonderful people like you. Oh, no buttering up? Okay.....

    I think there is a lot that goes into it for me. The feel, self expression, relaxation (which is really a side effect of self expression), and I can't deny an indirect sexual component to it. But it is more that you can't always control the timing when you have feelings so if I happen to be dressed, then so be it, it becomes part of it. But it isn't directly because of the dressing as I am not dressing to get turned on. It is more of I just happen to be dressed.

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    I agree with others that perhaps preteen and early teens it was a turn on! Now it's just life to me!
    If you don't like the way I'm livin', you just leave this long haired country girl alone:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue View Post
    I can't deny an indirect sexual component to it.
    My belief is that the sexual component you refer to goes with the territory with being a human.

    Just because I don't get turned on by dressing that does not mean that I don't get turned
    on at all. I get turned on like anyone else does with the right type of stimulation, ie: the
    company I am with, meaning that the conversation & intellectual stimulation will play a huge
    part in that along with how good that person makes me feel. But clothes are clothes to me
    and wearing them is only a reflection of who I am inside. Others perceive me as a female &
    that suits me fine because before I felt like a real lesbian trapped in a male body & my partners
    never took me seriously when I did tell them this - but I bet now they do but the main point
    is I am going to get more turned on & sexually aroused if my partner accepts me for who I really
    am & respects me acordingly.

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    Dressing has never been sexual for me. It's being myself, who I want to be. Dressing has certainly led to some fun intimate times, but the turn-on was my partners at the time, not mine.

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    I guess am one of those intersex travelers who experienced sexual arousal due to visual stimuli of feminine presentation after his sexuality had surfaced in teen years and then followed through manhood to loose it when the final chapter of transition had arrived and hormones were introduced to strip the poisonous testosterone from his psyche confirming she was the woman she so doubted was true and real because of his sexual cravings before.

    I have observed the testosterone effect tying almost everything and every action to sexual physicality where woman would be a emotional and sensual about the same.

    Now after introduction of HRT I could truly put on a hyper feminine garter belt but this time it would be to entice someone else rather then self, or it would be very pretty part of functional set to keep my stockings up nothing else nothing more. To tell you the truth from a Chic hi fashion gal I have become comfortable jeans/shorts/Ts/flats gal.

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    How long does it take for it to go away on it's own?
    It's like that annoying MS Office paperclip thingy always coming up when I'm not interested.

    "It looks like you're looking at clothes... Would you---" *SPROING*

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    One of the reasons I dress is because the clothing is so sensual. Jeans, slacks, and other "male" garments have NO sensuality to me. When I am sitting and rest my hand on my leg I feel just my hand on my leg. When I am skirted with hose the feeling is very very different.

    Just the mere act of putting on some of these items is an explosion in sensuality. Our legs are the biggest area of skin on our bodies, and the feel of hose from toes to waist is for me magical. Then there is the slight brush of the hem of a skirt. These sensations are completely lacking with "male" pants.

    Leggings are a close second when it comes to sensual effect.

    Do I get turned on by this? To an extent. But what has more of an effect is the thought of a beautiful GG looking on me with ravenous eyes ready to pounce. LOL (ok exaggeration, but you get my drift). I do feel sexi. In that black shiny short dress I feel very sexi and I think attractive to both males and females. This is fine, just as long as the males know their limits.

    The bras do little for me, I am definitely a leg man. For both myself, and women.

    Now, the corset.....Oh I love my corset, lol. But it also feels heavenly to take it off after a long night at the club.

    There are times when a certain organ does come to attention, and frankly I find that to be annoying sometimes,
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    Quote Originally Posted by docrobbysherry View Post
    [SIZE="3"] So, sliding your hand over your sheer nylon covered legs does ...., that belt, girdle, or corset squeezing in at your waist .....Those hi-heels your weighty breast forms :
    Well, sure when you put it like all sounds pretty exciting.

    And honestly, as so many others have said, dressing was an intensely erotic experience in my youth...and still can be today when my wife and I play around with it. But now its situational. I'm certainly more conscious of the feel of materials, the sensations of being dressed than a GG would be...even after all these years, but its not a sexual awareness. Its more the realization, as best I can, of a state of being I've longed for all my life.

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    I dress because I like the fit, feel, and look of feminine clothing!! There is no sexual turn-on, or any other feeling. I just do it because I like to!! Not for any sensual feeling!! Guess maybe I am a weird crossdresser!! Maybe it is my old age!!

    Lady on the outside, but man underneath!

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