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Thread: Feels good to express something so special!

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    Feels good to express something so special!

    I'm glad to have found this wonderful forum, here I can see so many members who have gone or are going through what I'm experiencing. I always thought this was a very "weird" thing to feel, the fact that I wanted to grab my cousin's skirt when we were in our early teen was just so strong. Everytime she went out I would go to her room and try out her stuff and it felt so good.
    Now that I'm older I feel is ok, especially when our society accepts it better than before. I hope that in time I can express this completely, in front of others and just enjoy myself, enjoy my feminine side like I always wanted. As mentioned in my first post I had created a blog in which I share my thoughts about crossdressing, my intimate stories..some fictional some not...and even photos and videos. All with class...that is no nudity...just me in dresses, or maybe a little hotter outfits. Anyway, I hope to hear your comments, and I hope I can learn more about crossdressing in this forum. If you will like to see my blog just go to google and type " mymysterycd blog "...I'll include my link in hopes that this forum doesn't think it's spam..because as you will see it, it really isn't anything but a simple blog..remember I'm an amateur at crossdressing so I'm not passable but hope to get better. Best to all the new girls like me. Kisses. Lisa
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    It's refreshing to have you with us! This is a great place to share and learn! Enjoy! Hugs!
    If you don't like the way I'm livin', you just leave this long haired country girl alone:

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    Hi Lisa

    I think most of us started out feeling much the same things you did. I remember rushing home from in my Freshman year in High School so I could put on a bra and some of my Mother’s old clothes. She had an old pair of wedges that she didn’t wear anymore and I loved walking in those. I also believe that most of us went through a period where we wanted to wear the sexiest things we could find.

    I’m more than twice your age and I no longer think I look at all sexy in most of that sort of thing, now I just look like an old over-the-hill hooker. I learned that to be accepted I needed to dress like the GG’s around me and none of them were wearing short mini-dresses, fishnet stockings, and skimpy tops. You have muscular legs and a skirt that comes to just above your knees is going to make you a lot more passable, as will tops that cover your shoulders – I have wide shoulders and as much as I’d like to wear a tank top I just don’t look good in one. My latest dress, and my Tee’s have short sleeves, the sleeves just cover the shoulder and it is enough to make a huge difference.

    A thong may be fun to wear, but it is a private pleasure, no one else in the vicinity should know you are wearing one. You might, or might not, be surprised at just how many members wear one under their drab clothes – there are countless threads here about wearing panties in drab, etc. Many GG’s wear lacey bras and panties under their outer-clothes just for their own private pleasure.

    I’m not dissing you, I’m just trying to point out that if you really want to get out and about and dress around others, expressing your feminine side, you are going to have to pay attention to what the GG’s around you are wearing and emulate it. To fit in you have to blend in, and there is nothing more feminine than being just one-of-the-girls in a group of GG’s. It’s a thrill to walk into a women’s store and be greeted with “Hi Babs, can I help you find something?” or “Why don’t you try that on, but be sure to step out of the dressing room so I can see how it looks on you.” I had another customer come up to me and tell me the dress looked really good on me, but I should try on the orange wedges too because they would be perfect with the dress. Feminine is as feminine does – if you want to be accepted as a woman, dress and do what the women around you are doing.

    Take carte Lisa, hope to see more posts from you in the near future and above all else have fun being a woman.

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