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Thread: husband and wife crossdressing and enjoying role reversal

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    husband and wife crossdressing and enjoying role reversal

    i mean husband dressing and acting as the female while the wife dresses and acts as the male in the relationship. has any couple tried this? this is my ultimate fantasy. i have not tried it becoz my wife won't agree. if anyone has tried, pls post yr experiences.
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    Would that be what they call the "ol doublecross crossdressing"???


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    Done it... Quite fun!

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    Yep ... we did it a couple of years ago at a Halloween party. (I guess that is kinda cheating). The "dude" behind me really is my wife Marla. (Click on my avatar to see how she usually looks). I so desperately wanted to go out to a bar/pub with my wife as "Mark" and me in boy mode so that we would be out as "two guys" ... i.e. the opposite of what we usually do, that is go out as "two girls" .. but Marla said no as she would be too scared.

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    wow, nice photo and a great experience. I really like this subject.

    No Susmitha, as you know we didn't do it yet but i long for this day.

    @Kate Jennings: would you mind telling us about your experiences?

    Maybe it doesn't necessarily have to be a crossdressing situation. I am also thrilled when my wife takes over the stereotypical men's role - beeing dominant, men's chores, paying in a restaurant, doing the financial stuff etc. If it would happen when i am crossdressed the better but if not it still is fascinating.
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    About 3 years ago; My step son and his wife crossed dress as Dog and the bounty catcher's wife.
    It turned out real cute. The fun thing is she is a natural F or G cup on her own, and to turn that much
    chest into a mans chest, well that was some costume. I only wish I had the picture.

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    My girl and I did Sonny and Cher a couple Halloweens ago..she got REAL tired of being dressed in, as she said, "boring boy clothes" (She was a TOTAL glam-girl) At the end of the night, she said she was glad she'd never have to dress like that again, then we shared a knowing glance with one another as she realized we both share that same sentiment, but both of us know that *I* DO have to wear 'boring boy clothes' ! (much of the time)

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    I di this many times with GG friends; Bride of Frankenstein/Frankenstein, Superman/ Wonder Woman, ZsaZsa Gabor/ cop she punched. A guy who dresses for Halloween and includes the subtle detail will win prizes. The only one you will lose to is another guy doing a better job. The important thing are the details. Nails/ toe Polish, earrings, underpining especially a bra, hosiery, purse well done makeup and acting the part.

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