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Thread: Dressing first thing in the morning (what to wear?)

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    Dressing first thing in the morning (what to wear?)

    Hi Girls,

    I have been thinking about dressing first thing in the morning.

    It does not matter what I am doing or where I am going I always put on my suspender belt and stockings and a nice pair of panties. It then depends on what I am doing which determines the rest of the outfit. If I am staying in and there is no one around then I get dressed as Jenny but if I have to go out then I have to make do with just the feel of the undies, when I do this I like to play a little game and look at all the other men and wonder if they have a secret to.

    xxx Jenny

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    Hi Jenny, I can identify with what you are saying as I too put on my lingerie the first thing in the morning(after coffee). I guess its quite a bit easier for me though as I am home and don't need to go out.

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    You should always dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident - no matter if it is in gal or guy mode. Most people do not notice what others are wearing, but if they do notice, they usually do not comment. Your "little game' can also make you think about "how would I look in that feminine outfit?". Thanx for sharing.

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    This morning I REALLY didn't want to change back to wearing trousers again, but I have to clean the gutters, and skirts and pantyhose is terribly impractical in a situation like that.

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    i too go for lingerie as we can feel freee in d morning!!!!!!!

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    Hi Jennifer! Well, since I wear panties 24/7, the first thing I do is put on a fresh pair of panties, then a bra and my breast forms. Then, while I'm having my morning coffee, I decide what else to wear for the day. And as Chari said, when I'm out and about, I always look at gals with nice outfits on and wonder I'd look in them.
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    I put on panties and a bra every morning as soon as I get up. Then I go downstairs and have coffee, check in, whatever. Then it's getting drab to go to work.

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    Jennifer H, none of the above posts commented on your little game of wondering if the men you pass are wearing (underdressing) lingerie too. Not only when you pass other men you might wonder this but it's also neat to pass nice looking curvy women and wonder if their bra's and panties look as good as the set you are wearing under your fem jeans and top. It's also cool to play a little fun game when you can dress androgenist in fem under and outer clothing, walk through the mall and in stores, wonder if anyone "reads" you and all the while "anxious" that you're pulling this off, dressed female, enjoying the experience of passing and being feminine in public and not "outed". Just strolling along like any other gg, enjoying the soft, sexy , tight girly clothing just as the other girls do that are walking beside and around you do. Yea, cd's are starting to get out, first step in getting the public to accept.

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    I am also one who wears panties 24/7, so when I get up I take a shower and then put on a fresh pair of panties and my bra. Since I have Natural 40 B's I wear no no forms. Unless I am going out on sales calls I dress totally enfemme, but of course no wig or makeup!! I will then stay enfemme all day!

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    Bra, panties and nylons 24/7! If I have doctors apointment or going shopping I do my makeup and hair and dress complete! Hugs!
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    We are all the same: bra and panties are the first items in the morning. I really can't wait to get up in the morning in order to take on my bra.
    I am more of a CROSSDREAMER than anything else.

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    Panties (2 pair) bra Jeans and a top usually since its cool now, i grab a sweater before I leave.

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    Although my wife is out of town this week, I did have to run some errands. So, I took off my nightgown. I went out in black thigh high stockings, garter girdle, white petti slip and white bra under my customary male attire. When I got back, it's back to those lovely dresses.

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