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Thread: whats the deal with women's pants?

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    whats the deal with women's pants?

    Unlike our friend Karen, I'm not adverse to occasionally donning a pair of women's pants. Here's what I don't get: I'm not a terribly tall guy, around 5'10". I wear a women's size 12 pants comfortably. But they're so gosh darn long! I buy average, but, even then they drag on the floor. I bought a new pair of 2 3/4 inch boots yesterday and, with pants on, the heels barely show. I tried a pair of petite pants once and they were too short. I thought women had the reputation of being shorter than guys. So why are their pants so long????

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    I find most women's pants to be horribly uncomfortable.

    But jeans? Don't even get me started on those..

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    I have the same problem. I think that the women's pants are longer to accommodate the wearing of high heels. It seems that the off the rack pants in my size 6 almost drag on the floor with flats and almost perfectly cover and reveal the shoes when worn with heels. One thing to remember, at least to me, is that most woman have a larger butt than men do. When holding a pair of pants on a hanger up to your body you may wonder who has legs this long. However, when a woman wears then the extra material in the rear and hips fills out the upper part of the pants and lifts the pants so that they fit properly. I have tried a pair of women's pants on in drab mode and they touched the floor. Then I tried them on in femme mode when I am wearing all my butt and hip padding and those same long pants fit perfectly. I just wish that they would size them like they do men's slacks with waist and length, like 30x31, instead of petite, regular and tall.

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    I have the opposite problem. When i wear 8 regulars, i can only wear them with flats. Any heel at all makes them flood pants. I have resigned to buying pants i like a lot in both regular and tall. I wear a 32" inseam in drab but idealy wear a 34 en femme. In some brands thats a tall, in others a 36 is tall

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    I tried them once, but they look funny on me and wearing pants for me defeats the purpose. I like skirts, pantyhose and heels. When I wear pants they are my male pants.
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    it may be a curse to you, but that extra length has been a blessing to me as i'm 6'4". the Express Editor pant is a perfect fit for me but they're always way too short, flapping around my ankles. unless i can find the long...and those aren't so easy to come by. i'd suggest trying a pair in regular, or (if you like jeans), the Gap 1969 'perfect boot' regular - even the long in those was too short for me in 1 3/4" heels.

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    Its not that the pants are too long - your legs are too short! Just get them hemmed.

    Allie GG is right - relative to height women have more inseam. I'm 6'2" and wear 34/35 inseams.

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    I also believe it is the way women wear the pants. If you notice that women wear the crotch of the pants at their crotch. Men's pants sag, and have more room between the crotch area of the pant and their actual crotch area.

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    If it's 20 below zero I'm not adverse at all! Pants just have too many measurement variables. . Where as skirts have considerably less... Less being one... Waist. And everyone knows less issues is better! .
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    You will have to find a tailor/seamstress and have the pants that are too long hemmed. I always have the same problem with male pants, and with some skirts too (the average waist to length proportion is wrong for my body.)

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    Petite is just a little too short for me and average too long. My routine is 1. buy the pants. 2. Wash the pants twice. 3. Take them to my seamstress to be hemmed. I just got used to it. I found out the hard way to wash them a couple of times before taking them to be altered. I ruined a pair of pants by altering first. once they shrunk nothing left to do but make capris out of them.
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    I do the same as Michelle. Buy the right size, wash them twice and have them hemmed!! I am a size 16, but have legs that are only 31 inches if I want my shoes to show at all. So hemming is the only answer!! And I do wear ladies jeans when the weather is cold enough!! I also have some ladies dress pants that I wear occasionally!! Sorry Karren, but ladies pants are part of the big picture!!

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    petite pants are perfect! Personally I would rather have more skirts than pants but that is not where life is right now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllieGG View Post
    Its not a matter of height - generally women have longer legs than men. I take a 34" inseam at 5'9".
    I have heard this too. I am also 5'9", yet my inseam is only 30 inches.

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    I love all of my size 10regular! Perfect size, perfect!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BRANDYJ View Post
    I have heard this too. I am also 5'9", yet my inseam is only 30 inches.
    yep I agree its a matter of gender.. I am 5'10 and I have to buy "longs" otherwise they are too short and i feel like I am waiting for a flood lol.. I really doubt as stated above that its cause women wear heels so they adjust the pants according to that
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    If you look on the Community Forum at Long Tall Sally, you will find quite a number of posts from women complaining that the 36" long pants or leggings are too short, that they need 38". And a number ask for 42" skirts. Some of the women asking for these were taller than I am, but a number of them were shorter.

    My inseam is somewhere between 31" and 32"; in some stores I have to resort to buying "petite", even though I am 6' tall. This was especially true at Tabi International (which, unfortunately, is now bankrupt.)

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    Hemming a pair of pants is not rocket science. I learned to do it years ago. It just takes the will to do it and practice.


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    I am lucky enough that the size I buy will fit my shape. I fit into most anything size 20. I have found that different brands don't size the same i.e one size 20 is anothers size 18 or less. As far as length, well most cover all to my feet and just enough to expose my heels. It's the tops for me that seem to be all over the place.

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    I think it also depends on the waist and hips. For instance, low-rise pants wit lower on the hips. Plus, a woman's waist line is usually 1-2 inches above a man's. Generally, I consider the rise and the in-seam measure to help determine the length I need.

    Ultimately, though, you'll probably need to try on the pants.

    There are a number of websites that help you determine the best brands and styles for your body type and wearing preference. This might get you "in the ballpark".

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    I love skirts and dresses, but I also love wearing pants. I wear them pulled up tight like a girl would, and wear something underneath, usually a bikini bottom, to be less noticeable. I found that my size varies by the brand, but usually from 9 to 12 fits me fine, usually regular lengths. I guess I'm blessed with very feminine looking legs, as I get good comments on them from women now and then.


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    I have wanted to find a nice pair but I am 6'5" and finding them might be tough.

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    I was pleasantly surprised when I found that Levi's 505s in 8 long fit my 31 waist 34 length body better than men's jeans. That bit of spandex makes all the difference. When I have to wear men's jeans now they feel so baggy and uncomfortable!
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    I'm 6'2" I wear size 10M but thinking I can fit into 8M, I find women's jeans quite comfortable, more pleasant then men's jeans.

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    Especially in stores which are less expensive, there is a good reason for the long length: anyone can hem pants, but you can't piece fabric on to lengthen them. The super long legs mean that more people can buy the same design. Of course, then you run into other problems, like what part of the pant is designed for knees?

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