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Thread: Bisexuality & Crossdressing

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    Paulette-Passion FurPus63's Avatar
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    Bisexuality & Crossdressing

    I'm might as well let you girls know that I'm Bi. I'm wondering if there are others who are Bi as well? It's my understanding that most of you are Hetro. Am I correct or the "oddball" here? Can I still be accepted here? I'm hoping so and thinking it should be ok. I just want to ad. Unlike others who are Bi I'm not into this just for sex or turn-ons. It's really about trying to be the best girly-girl I can be. It really is about experiencing being a woman. That's my ultimate goal. If sex with a man or a woman comes about as a result it will be due to good friendship. I'm not into this for sexual reasons.


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    Hi Paulette. I am as well. I'd say that I am bigender and bisexual at the same time. That is, I'm interested in dating men while en femme and women while en homme. I don't know if there are many bisexual crossdressers, but we are here and there. I certainly accept you and I think the ladies here are very supportive of all the diversity that the forum has to offer. Thank you for speaking out! - Julie

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    I am in the same category as you.

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    Hello Paulette,
    Of course you are welcome. This can be a great place, ok it is a great place. And a valuable resource fomoinfo. Say what you like about sexuality, you will find some wisened folks here that will tell you exactly what they think too.
    There are many Cd'ers that are married and hetro, quite a few. But there are allot of Tg'ed folks too. I am more girl than guy, but still present as male.
    It is good to talk, a confusing thing this TG stuff is. Last night I said...that's it, no more, I am letting my body hair grow back and I am not painting my nails, no night gowns and bras and boobies tonight..I 'll never be a girl..but really I am already a girl. I just do not have time to invest in looking pretty, I am busy, but still.........Anyway honey you are welcome Here.
    I was gonna post that I want to quit dressing up but who am I kidding. I am going to go right into it this time, that will help me, acceptance and freedom!
    polythene pam

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    Yes you are an oddball. We are all perfectly well-adjusted, normal members of society that never do anything that is not socially acceptable to the conformed society we live in.

    Yes, most of "us" are obsessed with telling everybody we are totally hetero, even when nobody even asks us that question in a thread... know that nobody "lies" on the Internet, so we are all telling the truth...

    And if you believe any of that nonsense...I have a nice bridge for sale that you can purchase to live under...

    If anything is apparent on this forum, it is that there is no such thing as an "oddball" around here...

    Welcome to the party...


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    I must be an odd ball or just have a bi magnet attached to me. I'd say about 25-30% I know are bi. What I have not encountered yet is a gay CD.
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    I was worrying the same thing as you! Yes I am Bi also (or at least Bi curious...I seem to be attracted to women a bit more than men - but I'm still struggling to fully understand it all...) It's good to see there are a few more here as well .

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    I always thought I was straight.
    But because I have fantasised about being a girl being with a guy. I think I am bi-curious. I guess.
    If I was a woman i know i would be a lesbian.

    Who knows and does it really matter?

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    my name is wendy west shybi's Avatar
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    hi paulette

    yes i'm bi welcome to the party

    wendy xxx

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    Some people that are not aware of pansexuality may categorize my sexuality as bisexual. Which is fine and dandy. However, I have an attraction to all gender identities not just limited to the male and female gender identities.
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    Welcome Paulette.
    I suppose I'm bi-curious. I fantasize about being with a man primarily when dressed. When it finally happens, or if it ever happens, then I can be classified as bi-sexual.
    Is that the way it works, or am I bi now just for thinking about it?
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    Paulette, there is, in my opinion, no such thing as "normal" because nobody has been able to define it yet. Therefore you can't be classified as an oddball. A warm welcome to you, so c'mon in and enjoy the ride! This place and the folks here are great.

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    I'm TS but I thought I was a CDer for awhile. I would have claimed that I was a heterosexual male in the past. I got the hetero part right anyway well mostly hetero but I like girls too I just wouldn't want to be in a relationship with one. Girls can be so freaking tedious! unlike many people her who say they are only attracted to men while dressed as a woman my sexual fantasies have been pretty consistent since puberty. In them I have always been a girl with a guy, it has never mattered what I was wearing.

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    posh texan miaTX86's Avatar
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    I am probably bi-sexual, but am more likely pan-sexual.

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    Welcome Paulette, as you can see you are not alone, I'm hetero, but don't hold that against me, and I won't hold your being Bi against This site is about Gender, not sex, so I don't see where your sexual preference has a lot to do with it. Now from time to time, things do get talked about where sex does come up, but believe me, where it does, every side of the sexual equation will be covered. So jump on in and speak up!
    Tina B.
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    don't feel alone. I think there are as quite a few bi and gay members...pretty much in the same proportion as the larger society. Like many of us, I had a bi fling in my youth and although I'm in a hetero LTR, I still consider myself bi in terms of inclination.

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    For me, sexuality and clothing choices are two separate things. I too am bi, and my SO knows it. I told her as part of the same conversation when I told her about the "other side" of my closet :-). But, as I said, being bi is not related at all to being a CD - I'm attracted to GG's and males when I'm drab and when I'm femme.
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    I have enjoyed women and men, dressed and not dressed. My fantasies revolve around both. My wife knows these things, and I would have to admit in our relationship it is pretty versatile in our activities, but I prefer when she is "in charge"...

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    Paulette, I don't think anybody here will pass judgement on you.Oh,and welcome to the forum! I'm straight in the fact that I've only had sex with women. I have had bi/gay guys come on to me, but I'm not interested at all. But I have found some other CD'ers very attractive. I'm not afraid to admit that. Does that make me bi-curious, I don't know. I don't think I could act on it sexually. I think if all of the other CD'ers were brutally honest they probably have been attracted to other CD'ers at some point. We are presenting ourselves as females and some are very convincing! Also keep in mind that GG's have no issues with being attracted to another GG for the most part.

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    I agree with Prene. I'd say I am bi-curious. I've had fantasies about being with another cd'r when we are both en femme. I don't know that I'd ever go through with it, but it is an interesting fantasy nonetheless.
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    This is an interesting thread for sure.I'm gay and love it ,however years back I considered myself Bi;obviously as I was married with a daughter.Although I am gay and love men ,I do know that if a really "exceptional woman" came into my life, I know that I would "revert" to Bi . I don't know ....I'm a whole lot gay and a tiny bit Bi ....does that make sense? Just the way I'm wired I suppose.Sex is great ,but for me ,to live as a woman,to think and act as one is a very powerful emotion...sometimes it is better than the physical act of lovemaking.
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    I am straight......OK that almost worked. I am not gay so I must be...confused. At one time there were polls here and although the majority (and it wasn't a huge majority) claimed straight the Bi's were not far behind. And then add to the mix what exactly is the criteria for whatever and you get a stranger mix.

    welcome to the forum
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    Welcome Paulette! CDing spans the range of sexuality here (and everywhere else), so no worries!

    I'm curious though. Are you attracted to both men and women no matter how you're dressed, or is it more an attraction to women when you're in guy mode, and an attraction to men when you're in girl mode?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FurPus63 View Post
    I'm might as well let you girls know that I'm Bi. I'm wondering if there are others who are Bi as well? It's my understanding that most of you are Hetro. Am I correct or the "oddball" here?
    No, you're NOT the only Bi person here. And No, you are NOT the Oddball. Passed bi-curious close to 20 years ago. Currently the list of male partners is longer than the corresponding male list, but neither is that long. Anyway the point is that my preference is probably close to 50/50. However, note that sexual attraction and sexual identity is a continuum and as Bi people, we are spread all over the continuum.

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    I am bi-curious, but married and committed so I guess I won't be satisfying my urges any time soon. Don't worry about being normal. Normal is just the average of all of the oddballs, and who wants to be average? Not this girl! Welcome.


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