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Thread: How often do you THINK about dressing?

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    Member AlexisRaeMoon's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Good lord...everyday, multiple times a day...

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    ~ M2F Lezzie ~ Annaliese2010's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    SE Michigan
    Whenever I am PUSHED too far by the exigensies of life..and the girl I love is pushin me too. That's when the bi..think Fck this world! Hey Annaliese?! Take tha fck Over fora while. I like your smile. Your cute rude tude. Your sly beguile. GO for it Girl! Have at em babe!!! I'm gna lay back..fade for you, boo.

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    Silver Member Loni's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    in the hills of central california
    i never think about it..i just do it as normal.
    i do have to remember at times i can not go places in a cute dress. like work.


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    Junior Member Patsy's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Asia (UK sometimes).
    Well if you mean by this think "female" - nearly all the time. A better question for me would be how often do you think "male"? I'm the opposite of you Annaliese 2010, I go ultra Macho when life's pressures get too much - I sometimes even grow a beard (start one anyway, these phases don't usually last that long) and go into silent aggressive mode. This has the added advantage of really p*****g off my girlfriend. Well it's either that, or burst out in tears, and unfortunately there's no shoulder to cry on at the moment. Now, when I'm relaxed, and everything is going really well, that's when I'm at my most feminine. Strangely enough, these are the times my girlfriend thinks I'm really cute. She doesn't know by the way, well she does really, but it's a kind of open secret, we don't talk about it. She's very Tom and expresses contempt for Katoeys, but I think she, like me, has some problems she hasn't fully dealt with. So I hang in there, hoping we'll get it together, eventually.
    L’imagination au pouvoir!

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    Always, every minute of every day. And when in drab, with a blink of an eye, I can conjure up my female persona and walk down the street feeling feminine. Of course, no one can see what's going on inside.
    When lost, alone, or blue I know I can always get through the day, for I've always another shade of lipstick to make things right!

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    Eastern Washington
    I would have to say at least once a day. Actually in a sense many many times a day. Whenever I see a girl wearing cute shoes or a cute top I'll always think to myself "that's cute, I want that, I wonder if she would be weirded out if I asked her where she got it"

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    Junior Member shyselina's Avatar
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    Kansas City, Mo.
    Everyday.... I underdress then dress when I get home

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