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Thread: Outing myself at work!

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    Red face Outing myself at work!

    I work part time for a catering service on Friday night's as they have a weakly Fish fry at the club I am a member in. I have come very close to the waitress's over the past 2 years. Two of them were talking about manicures and pedicures two weeks ago and I mentioned that I get a pedicure once a month along with my massage. Since undergoing two back surgeries, taking care of my feet has become very difficult. As our conversation went on, one of them asked about what they do to a mans feet as compared to a women's. I slipped and said: nothing different for me, my toes are bright red for Christmas!!! They both gave me a funny look and I then opened up to them about my cross dressing. They where cool with it and as I said, I have become fairly close to them so i trust they will keep it to themselves.
    This past Friday they both had lots of questions, all the obvious ones and I was happy to answer. One has been very curios about more than the other as we have been talking, texting and chatting on Facebook a lot over the past few days.
    Well have a great day, just thought I would share my slip of the tongue.

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    good for you I am sure it will work out fine. BTW I love mani's and pedi's too My toe nails are polished black. I seldom get comments I do get an occasional fun look but I like those. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by sue1965 View Post
    I have become fairly close to them so i trust they will keep it to themselves.
    You are dreaming. Just as you have confidantes, so does everyone else. I.e., there doesn't need to be any ill intent for things to spread.


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    I agree with Lea, you shouldn't be surprised if you find out other people comment on your CDing. And I thought we all learned from Tiger Woods that texting and such can have some pretty dire consequences.

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    I would definitely have to agree with Lea and Ellie. It is very likely that other people will know about your CD'ing. But maybe you don't care, and besides it is your life not somebody else's!

    BTW, I have been getting both a manicure and a pedicure every 2 weeks for many years. My late wife got me started and I have just kept it up. My fingers are always a pale pink, and my toes right now are a very bright red with green sparkles!! And yes I do wear open toe sandals when it is warm enough. I like people to see my pretty toes!!

    Lady on the outside, but man underneath!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sue1965 View Post
    They where cool with it and as I said, I have become fairly close to them so i trust they will keep it to themselves.
    Just remember its not your secret anymore.

    It is theirs to do with what they wish.
    Don't Take Life To Serious, It's Only Temporary

    It is often wrongly assumed that a person chooses to be transgender and one day decides they want to live the remainder of their life as transgender .This couldn't be further from the truth. Transgender is established sometime during pregnancy, probably in the first three months and certainly well before an individual is able to make a choice.

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    I would have to agree with the panel here. A secret is Can only be trusted to remain in that state if you take it to the grave with you.

    With that said, maybe you wouldn't mind more people knowing if it does spread. But prepare yourself for Q&A's from anyone you know just in case there's someone out there you really don't want to know about this.

    Good luck and thanks for sharing.

    Peace & Love

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