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Thread: I had forgotten how innocent and accepting kids were.

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    I had forgotten how innocent and accepting kids were.

    Round my Aunts and Uncles house today for Boxing day, I was playing with my female cousin (shes 7). She was telling me what she got for christmas, saying she got makeup and stuff. Another of my cousins (my age, 23) was there so in a joking manner I was like "yeah, I got some make-up too, Im wearing it right now" and it was amazing to see her reply with "yeah, Im wearing some too" as if it was totally the norm for me to be wearing it.
    Id forgotten how innocent kids could be. It warmed my heart a little.
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    Kids start out in life looking for rules/patterns... things they can understand easily to provide a definable context... but they are also open to and accepting of new things and are little learning machines... building the patterns that will give them their 'plan of the universe'! Then they go to school and we programme them for our 'society' and give them 'society''s rules... some rebel... the majority become that society...

    Kid's are innocent but they are also our future... My grand-daughter (5) was staying with us with her mum and (mum's) sister over Christmas... she is a pink and purple girl and awesome! This Christmas she is into cars and got the Cars (first one) DVD, which I watched with her today. She has 9 die-cast model cars... 4 from the movie... she got a meccanno junior kit (plastic) and we built a racing car! Watching the film with her was awesome from a different perspective. She really liked that I also liked her love of cars! To her, it was totally natural that we were both into this... at this point I could have said... you are wearing red tights and I have black on today... and it would have been completely OK. Except that she would almost certainly have said to her mum (my daughter)... grandad is wearing the same colour tights as you! So I didn't!

    We can learn a lot about acceptance from Kids... but when they get to school and start to tribalise... the game changes!
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    I enjoyed your cute little story Melissa! What they learn at that age can have an impact on there future! Hugs!
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