I don't quite understand the difference between someone who is transgendered and someone who crossdressses.

first, I do not consider myself to be part of any gender - I believe there is a gender spectrum and let's say it was like this
I would be where the X is
and it does shift around from time to time, but it never goes all the to the left.. it goes neutral at most.
I don't have any problem in how i view myself. Like I said, I don't like to think I am part of any gender, but if I had to, it would be female.
(And i really think it just depends on my hormones that day.. I don't take hormone replacements.. just our bodies naturally produce estrogen and testosterone)

I am 27, and I used to just conider myself a crossdresser years ago, and simply didn't think I was transgendered even though, I really wanted to hvae a female body really baldly. and still do.. I just have a lot of areas I need to work out first.

but like how many of you really think that there is a difference between crossdressers and transgendered?

could a lot of crossdressers be transgendered? perhaps just living in denial?

I get that some people may just crossdress once in a while for kicks or for sexual pleasure or they just enjoy the clothing and may still view themselves as a male, and so forth. but what if they just have never accepted themselves as female?