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Thread: The guilt of stealing

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    One time when I Had a lot of make-up to purchase the SA asked me why I was buying so much make-up. I told her that I worked as a fashion photographer and that one of my models didn't do well with make-up. After that she seemed to be satisfied with my answer and asked how one became a model. LOL all the way to my vanity....

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    Roslyn, don't feel bad or like we are coming down on you. We're no bunch of prudes. Nearly everyone on this site has lifted a lipstick or pilfered panties, borrowed a bra or nabbed some nail polish. I was just trying to help save you some guilt. Eventually you just have to get where you don't care what the cashier thinks about your purchase. They really just want your cash anyways.
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    I'll agree with what Josee said. Few if any of us are qualified to cast the first stone! We can't change our past, but we can change our future.

    The huge plus to buying your own makeup is that you can get exactly what you want. You can match the colors to your own personal style or use them to experiment with different styles. After you make your first purchase you'll be amazed at what a non-event it is.

    Consider it a milestone, or a rite of passage. You'll be glad you did it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillieJoEllen View Post
    One time when I Had a lot of make-up to purchase the SA asked me why I was buying so much make-up. I told her that I worked as a fashion photographer and that one of my models didn't do well with make-up. After that she seemed to be satisfied with my answer and asked how one became a model. LOL all the way to my vanity....
    Nice answer, Billie Jo!

    Regarding the guilt: I have "borrowed" a few items in the past. I'm sure most of us who have done so did it because of the shame we felt about being CD'ers. I'm pretty comfortable buying pretty much any feminine item nowadays. It has to do with coming to terms with who I am, and that I am okay, even if I don't meet society's expectations of what a "man" should be, or how he should dress.

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    I have used some of my SO's makeup, but I have always bought my own femme clothes. There is no shame in going through the checkout line buying femme panties , bra, or hose. I'm very confident when buying skirts, dresses, and shoes. No one has ever challenged me when buying woman's clothing.

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    I can relate to that! I've stolen a few things from various people over the years, most notably a few panties from a beautiful girl whom I am good friends with. I am out to her and I've told her that I did. She said, I know you took a few pairs, next time, don't take them from my clean laundry genius, they are obviously the ones I wear. If you really want, I have a few pair you can have that I don't want and also I have a few bathing suits if you want. Sometimes coming clean is good. Our relationship is better from fessing up to it.

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    I stole pair of my aunties tights when i was about 12 years old. they were sheer black with dots on them and i saw them in her bathroom and HAD to have them. I was later quizzed by my mother as my auntie knew they had gone missing. I grew out of it as I began to buy my own clothes and I couldnt handle the guilt

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    JessGold, you can always buy your makeup online if you are too shy to buy it in person (I was there myself when I was younger, and I felt embarrassed too.) Don't take your sisters' things.

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    Im going to school and living in a co-ed dorm, every time i do laundry and see any panties bouncing around in the dryer i get the urge to open it and take a look and maybe a pair. Have to admit ive done it once or twice. Also ive walked into the laundry room and found loads of landry left ontop of the dryer and there are various pairs of panties lying on top of the pile, very tempting. Quite the erotic and exciting experience.

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    Why don't you just go into some store and buy some makeup for your sister? And by your sister, I mean you. I walked into Claires Accessories today looking for hair clips and made it perfectly clear to the SA that I wanted them for me. Course, I said I wanted to straighten my hair ans cos my hair was so thick I needed to layer it, but still, they really don't care.
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    Nothing beats the pleasure of buying femme goods for yourself. I remember the first time going to the shop and browsing the various displays. The assistant came and asked if she could help and asked if it was a gift I was buying. I replied by saying I wasn't buying a gift. She then asked what sort of things I liked when I told her she took me to some things she thought would be appropriate. I chose a nice three piece set and I was stunned when she asked if I wanted to try the bra for size. I was really embarrassed as this point Nd said no thanks. Just pay please. The next time was so much easier where I did find the courage to try on. It was no big deal for the same assistant. Home much easier could it be to buy some make-up?

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