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Thread: Public outing in hte big city: Scary but lots of fun

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    Public outing in hte big city: Scary but lots of fun

    Warning: Quite long, but I hope you all will enjoy it, We sure did!

    Mistress (Wife) and I life in Nor-Cal near a well known city that is well known for it's acceptance and practice of all sorts of generally kinky lifestyles. There is a particular bar that about once a month has a "Girls Night" where GG's can go unescorted, but GURLS (And you have to be fully dressed En-Femme) can also go but only if escorted by a real GG. We had talked for a long time about spending a weekend in the city and going. Now we finally did.

    Mistress decided that I would have to be fully dressed En-Femme for the entire trip and would be tightly corseted for the weekend.

    We booked a hotel and drove up Friday PM after work (Traffic sucked) but got there about 7:00. Checked in and I promptly dressed in what my mistress chose. A great retro outfit: Knee length medium gray hobble skirt, starched pleated white blouse with a lovely peter pan collar and circle pin, sheer black stockings and 6" black patent platform shoes. She also had me wear my largest breastforms with a very pointy bullet bra to complete the look. She also decided to have me wear something I have never, ever worn out of the house and don't particularly like. A very realistic latex female mask I bought in Germany. It has real glass eyes, although they distort your vision somewhat as they are concave, stained red lips, realistic looking eyebrows and an opening mouth (We are going to a Bar!) where the latex lips curl around my real ones. The drawback is the latex tension tries to continually pull my mouth open into an "O" shape. Used my favorite wig, long black Asian looking hair that I can back brush into a half ponytail and make a pretty dammed good Sarah Palin "updo" look. Personally, I thought I looked great excepy for the doll look from the mask. A little "out there" due to the hobble skirt, bra and shoes, but otherwise a 1940's Gibson Girl.

    My wife dressed as an English country lady with ultra tight lycra riding britches (She does in fact ride), severe, fitted blouse and blazer with 4" stilleto heels and black leather gloves. She even brought her riding crop; a real one, not some sex-store toy!

    We were quite the site walking out of the hotel; stopped a few couples in their tracks. Walked the 4 blocks to the bar, and the fun started. We grabbed two stools at the bar, and ordered two single malt whiskeys from a very nice looking female bartender who looked about 25+ years old. She served them and when she saw me actually able to drink in a mask, she was fascinated. Turns out she is a masker wanna-be and wanted to know all about it. I let her feel it, see how the eyes worked and mouth worked, described the feeling of being encased in latex etc. She too my card, and has since called to get the company name and URL. I wish her luck. She wants to mask as a Japanese woman.

    About 5 minutes later as very large and tough looking woman (Took both of us a while to decide if indeed she was a woman at all, or just a Gurl) came over and the bartender introduced us. Seems she was a regular, and the bartender knew her. She was very direct: Why would I dress as a woman and look like a sissy instead of a Alpha Male. She explained that she was an Alpha Female, and liked to dominate sissy men and submissive females. Wow. Now I'm a little nervous. She had a body like a football linebacker, excepting the huge boobs and leather corset with breast cups you could pour a full bottle of wine in and not fill them; she however did. This look was completed with skin tight leather pants (She had a huge butt) and heeled boots.

    My Mistress now interjected and said two things: 1) He's my property, and 2) You'll be happy to know he's wearing a chastity belt since he's a Gurl, not a man. The (This is an assumption) dyke stopped dead, and said "Way Cool, I gotta see that." Mistress ordered me to stand up, and rapped the front shield. The dyke did also, seemingly in amazement.

    The dyke kept rapping my belt and trying to see if it would come off or not. It did not. Her passing comment was: "I gotta get one of those for my Bitch".

    Finally everything calms down, I'm feeling hot and sticky inside the mask. We did meet a neat couple who we had dinner with later who were just like us. We compared dressing, clothes, where to shop etc. He was dressed in the classic "Sissy Pink" ruffled dress and wished he could be more "formal" as I was. I agreed with him.

    It was now late, so we walked back to the hotel. Went to bed quickly as we were both exhausted.

    More about Saturday later. shopping planned at Macy's then lunch and home. This was already too long. Fun tho'.


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    Wow, this sounds awsome!! I understand how it would be scary, but cool to have your mistress looking out for you!! I hadn't heard of realistic latex female masks, so I googled them and looked at a few on YouTube. Wow! There are some pretty amazing masks out there!! Now I'll be thinking about that for a while! I am happy you had fun and hope you had fun shopping at Macy's.


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    Shopping was quite an experience. Some new bras, my first Spanx, some leggings and a nice skirt. I'll write it up later today or tomorrow.

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