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Thread: Worried about TSA

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    Worried about TSA

    I did a scary thing for me.

    I flew out of las Vegas in panties and a sheer seamless underwire bra with small attached forms.
    It was underdressed. I was so afraid the alarm would go off and I would get a pat down, but it was OK.

    Has anyone else tried it?
    Or got stopped by TSA?

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    I got stopped by the TSA because my carpenter jeans looked fishy on the "cancer machine" and for some reason they love looking at my checked baggage.
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    underthings seem unimportant to me. You got away with underwires? Really?

    I'm just a few days away with changing my passportn and drivers license.. I don't look anything like the photo IDs now. I don't want to get clipped for being someone who doesn't look close to the photo in the ID.

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    The TSA spends more effort on verifying the type of container for checking the pistol on domestic flights than they do on my bra style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prene View Post
    I flew out of las Vegas in panties and a sheer seamless underwire bra with small attached forms.
    Last time I checked none of those things are illegal. In fact, flying out of Vegas they might be required to prove you had a good time...
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    TSA ? Is that Trans-Siberian Airways? I don't think they'd be bothered by anything at all.


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    " Step over here." My underwire bra sent bells-a-ringing about a year ago. Dough-head taps on my chest with his majic stick, then circular motions all awhile everyone hears this wonky noise flying off me. "It's my bra", I tell him and he doesn't even bat an eye. "Go ahead" he says and off I go to board.

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    don't worry i have pat down's all the time they really don't care


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    I've flown a number of times and the only out of the ordinary event was one agent wanted to pat down my wig after a full body scan. It was fast and easy. A wig pat down happens to many who wear a wig so it was not specifically directed at me or how I was dressed. I've had my carry on and checked luggage searched - no big deal.

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    This is one thing I would never dress for no matter how comfortable I have become. There are too many horror stories of regular people getting detained and harassed by these goons. Miss America comes to mind.

    I also refuse to fly because of the "Cancer machine" as Jaina stated.
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    I worry about the TSA as well, but it has nothing to do with Underdressing. I'm not crossing your border any time soon.

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    I just flew this weekend and got selected for the full body scan. I was not wearing a bra so that didn't make a difference, but it was really annoying because I had to take off my belt, and since I have been working on losing weight my pants are rather loose (I know, tough problem to have, LOL), so there I am with my hands over my head hoping my pants don't fall down on me. I didn't really travel en femme, but I did wear makeup and had my makeup bag in my carryon, no problem there. I have never had a problem with TSA, just be as polite as is feasable and they usually just do their job and move you on........Stephanie

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    I'm probably jinxing myself, but I admit it anyway. I have flown several times wearing panties and a underwire bra, and have never been "tapped" by TSA. Hope it continues that way! Oh BTW, many underwire bras have plastic underwires!!

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    Vegas has body scanners! I was patted down there because I left a Chapstick in my pocket in drab! And, he HAMMERED my left one. On purpose, I think!

    Prene, next time, wear some silicone forms in that bra and see if u get thru unscathed! LOL!
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    No, I haven't flown yet, but, My Friend, you neglected to alert me that you were even coming to visit "Our Wonderful 'Sin' City!" For shame... Tsk! Tsk!

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    Don't worry they would probably pat you on the bum and say there is ANOTHER weird one.
    It is a bit intimidating though, I would be more worried overseas, I use a little more caution then.
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    I fly often and get scanned, patted down and everything else with the exception of being stripped searched. Why you ask, well for two reasons----I have had both hips replaced and the "bells" go off each and every time. I always inform the TSA agents of the hip replacements and by and large they are very understanding but they also do there job. I have thought about flying enfemme many times but have decided that for me this would not be a good idea. My law enforcement background causes me to become "just a face in the crowd" and not to bring the slightest attention to myself.

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    Good to know about the bras...
    I am going to a conference in a couple of weeks and thought of packing some of my clothes but am afraid of what would happen if they had to open my carry on...also my boss will be flying at the same time and there are no guarantees we would not end up going through security


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