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Thread: Do You Think Crossdressing is Cursed with Bad Karma?

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    KateSpade83 i think i have to step in here to advise you on issues of spirituality. No matter how hard human beings (prophets, pastors, Imams etc) try to portray or represent God to us fellow humans they will never succeed, cos all they can say is going to be based on how they understand God not how you or me understand him. It is not possible for an individual to know what God wants or doesnt want from all of us, because God created us different with different needs and life experiences. It is men that make all the rules in this world right from the beginning of time to the end of time. So, stay focused on yourself and make yourself happy and accept yourself and know in your mind that you will be accepted in any "kingdom" when you die.

    Three things are the major causes of anguish for man they are:
    1. Fear
    2. Guilt
    3. Lust/Desire

    No matter what you do try to control those three things, failure will lead to very negative outcomes. It is a fact of life that most of our religious institutions will always try to control man using those three weapons i listed above.....for ever and ever.

    Good or Bad Karma is the least of your worries, because they simply dont exist. But if you are interested in knowing more on issues of spirituality go to the religious discussion groups of this forum or other public forums on religious issues. With time people will come to understand that we are not 100% responsible for our actions so we cant be blamed 100% for those actions.
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    This isn't the religious section, which is where most of these posts are going (religious route) and Kate, I will refer you to last time you started a thread like this and where you ended up for telling people they are going to hell.... I'm pretty sure you don't want to end up there again, so I suggest you go take a break from the forum and get your head in a good place and not lecturing the other members who are trying to help you, or you're going to end up the same place as Jesse...

    Thread closed.

    Bored now.... next??

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