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Thread: Sillycone side effect..

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    Sillycone side effect..

    Just came across this on gobble, that the silicone used in breast forms--both the type under the skin and worn externally--are leaking testosterone. The side affects of the testosterone are well known but the main one from this batch is increased hair growth ( hirsutism) uncontrollable by electrolysis or laser. Skin transplants are probably going to be the main recourse.

    Oh, and Karren is now wearing jeans.

    Check the date on your computer.
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    OMG, everyone run for the hills. The world is coming to an end, Karren is wearing jeans. Help Help Help..........................Stephanie

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    I would love to see Karen in a pair of jeans ,with heels of course ??

    Hugs J-JAY

    Never underestimate the power of brains and a push up bra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joandher View Post
    I would love to see Karen in a pair of jeans ,with heels of course ??
    Ditto, And yes I know the date, however if we could see that picture with Karren in jeans, and 5" heals, I
    promise I will send it to Ripley's. That picture belongs in a Museum, at least the Smithsonian. LOL

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    I love jeans and alway with heels. Come on Karren put a pair on.

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