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Thread: Few questions if you don't mind - TRANSMEN TO ANSWER PLEASE

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    Few questions if you don't mind - TRANSMEN TO ANSWER PLEASE

    Please help by answering a few questions.
    I am doing a research project for my Psych class on "Is gender fixed or is there a sliding variable between male and female"? If You would be kind enough to help me out by answering a few questions I would appreciate it. If you would prefer to answer me privately please feel free, and please note that no names or images will be used. I will be posting this for both the MtF forum, and the FtM forum. Thanks for your time.

    1. Are you physically male or female?
    2. Where do you perceive your ‘social’ gender (mentally and emotionally) on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 is extremely masculine and 10 being extremely feminine.
    3. In relation to the physical sex that you were born with are you heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual?
    4. If you are bisexual does the physical sex of your chosen partner change with how you are dressed?
    5. Do you participate in any hobbies or activities that are stereotypically performed by others of your own physical sex?
    6. Do you have any hobbies or activities that are stereotypically performed by the opposite physical sex?
    7. If it was an option would you physically/surgically change your sex?
    8. Do you prefer the company of the opposite sex in social interaction?
    9. Do you intentionally, on a daily basis, try to blur gender lines with your appearance. (example: wearing feminine jewelry or clothing, or having feminine hairstyles if you are physically a male, and vice-versa if you are female) even if you are not trying to “pass” as the opposite sex?

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    Has anyone actually READ this thread, Kimmy quite clearly stated she is posting this in the FTM AND MTF section, so why is it, I've just deleted 4 posts... and counting, from MTF's when it is CLEARLY in the FTM section and states.... Few questions if you don't mind - TRANSMEN TO ANSWER PLEASE....

    Anymore MTF's post in this thread, you're going to get my boot firmly planted up your butt and do NOT reply to this post!

    Bored now.... next??

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    Hi kimmy and welcome to the transmen section. I will answer your questions with no problem. I will have to say it is quite here and you may have to wait a little for more guys to answer your questions.

    1. I still fully female. I have not been able to afford hormones or surgery. I would like to but money does not grow on trees.
    2. Mentally I am male emotionally I am a mixed.Right now I am going through early menopause and it has turned my world up-side down.
    3. I am bisexual.
    4. No.
    5. Yes. I like to cook. I can not think of other things right now but if I do I will add them to my post.
    6. I like to work on cars,I like sports,enjoy RC toys,video games,working on computers.
    7. Yes, but only top surgery.
    8. Yes.
    9. Yes. I dress every day as male but I do sometimes like to confuse people. I enjoy singing in the car and most people who look at me think I am male in till I start singing Barbie Girl song or Lady Gaga. I pass probably about 75 percent of the time. All depends on my mood.

    If you have any more questions I will be happy to answer them if I can.
    Aaron Micheal
    I pre-pair for a hurricane but pray for gentle rain.

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    Hi Kimmy, here goes:

    1. Physically somewhere inbetween, because while I was born physically female, I have been on testosterone for 4 years and my physical reality is much more masculine than a woman (I have a deep voice, facial & body hair, a masculine body shape & fat distribution, among other things that T does).
    2. I am unequivocally male - so I guess that would be a 1.
    3. I'm pansexual, but for the purposes of this questionnaire, bisexual will have to do.
    4. Absolutely not, because I only ever dress as male. Who I choose as a partner is not affected in any way by my appearance.
    5. I'm a fibre artist (knitter, designer, spinner), I cook, I yes.
    6. I collect tobacco pipes and restore them (and smoke them occasionally), also sailing, boatbuilding/woodwork and I have a fondness for single malt scotch! I'm also a keen armchair cricketer
    7. I'm partway through the process of doing so (have had some surgery already and been on T for 4 years).
    8. I have both male and female friends, and am equally comfortable with both sexes.
    9. No - there are no blurry gender lines about presenting fully male when that is my gender. I don't wear ANYTHING female, EVER, because just the thought of doing so makes me physically sick (and I couldn't "pass" as female any more if I tried).
    [SIZE="3"]Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are. ~ Unknown[/SIZE]

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    I am physically female.
    Most likely somewhere between a 2 and 3.5. Although outwardly I would appear to most family and friends as a 10 :/
    Most definitely bisexual in any of my forms.
    Not entirely but partially. As a chick, I would identify as bi. As a dude, I most certainly am a straight man. I don't know what it is, but my entire persona simply shifts and I even think differently. When I'm dressed as a male, I don't have to live in my head anymore. I can live in reality, because it finally matches with my wildest dreams.
    Whelp, as a girl, I'm a professional model (which is most certainly a girly activity when posing as a female). I'm using modeling to put myself through art school. As a female or male, I adore following my favorite baseball team with nearly religious attention and loyalty. I know all the stats and players. I love it.
    I answered it in 5.
    If I could by magic I would in half a heartbeat. I'm just scared shitless of the process and transition period and what people think. I just don't know if I could do it. Plus, being a female isn't all bad... Or so I tell myself.
    I don't know what I'd prefer seeing as I've never been out of the house as a guy before. I think I'd be Switzerland on that issue. Because hanging with girls would just boost my sense of "machoness" because I could be a total flirt (if I get my voice down a couple octaves :/). On the other hand, a night out with the boys wouldn't be so bad either as there would be male competition and the factor of out- manning another. So, either way I think I would enjoy.
    Never. I never ever do. I've sabotaged myself by hiding that I feel male with an ultra feminine facade. It would raise many questions among my family if I were even to leave the house in sweatpants. It's a prison.
    Thanks for listening!

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