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Thread: I needed a little help

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    I needed a little help

    I like this, ordered at walmart for about $10.
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    I got one of these too. I bought mine in the store tho. I find that I don't wear it much, but, it does work. I've gotten other ones online but the main problem is the visible lines and uneven contours in most of them. Enjoy yours, Tonya
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    I'll have to check them out! Hugs!
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    I have one also, it was an impulse buy (had no idea Wally World sold them), picked the same brand's version of a Nu Bra and like it as well.

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    Actually the main problem is going to the bathroom! I have a couple of these and used to wear them out. But a couple of hours and a few drinks into the evening a trip to the ladies room is in order. So in you go and now you have all these layers, hose, girdle, butt panties, etc. To get off in the stall, then get back on. It is just not worth it, oh and don't even think about trying to get all that stuff off and on again with fake nails!

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    terrapin station, you need to guess a little bit
    the only thing i noticed online is that it only goes to an XL size which i believe is like a size 7. I would prefer if it were like an 8 or in some cuts a 9

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    I got a similar product from target, called a Booty Pop, it was $20.00, and that one looks like the pads blend better than mine. Mine just doesn't look real under some light weight clingy fabrics. But they help jeans a bunch.
    for $10.00 why not!
    Tina B.
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