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Thread: Depressing Shopping Trip

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    Cindy: Version 2.5
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    Depressing Shopping Trip

    Went shopping with my Wife Saturday in guy mode. I enjoyed the time with my Wife but it was depressing inside to me. It was mid 70's degrees, and women were out in great numbers. They were wearing new short spring festive dresses, shorts & cute tops, new sandals... I was so envious. We went to DSW to look at shoes, but I didn't want to try on any because it was so crowded. We went to Ulta and shopped cosmetics. There were so many women there enjoying themselves... trying this & that... and I felt trapped... like I couldn't look at anything by myself unless my Wife was right there with me. We went to Victoria's Secret and I really didn't want to go in with Her. This was one of those days when I was wishing I had been born a woman. Some days I just feel that way. I can't help it. I'm generally happy in my life, but some days there's just an empty feeling thinking about how different life would be. I love my wife and family. I couldn't change things if I wanted to. In reality... I wouldn't change things, because I would never hurt my Wife of 30 years. She's accepting of me and very supportive, and I love Her so much. Some days things just seem to get to me and my mind wanders and I ponder "what if"...
    I don't know where this is leading, I just felt a need to write and vent a little

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    I can sympathize with your ordeal. I went through that for many years of watching the women having their fun and I could only dream of it.
    Diane Elizabeth

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    Very often i feel the same way it sux i just end up leaving cause i cant take it anymore and it hurts it hurts alot. i cant really tell you what to do in that situation cause that is sum i deal with regularly and im single. but just try to be pos maby it was one of those days you should hace just left it for another day thats not crazy. i dunno


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    Life sucks.... Then you die...
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    Yeah the fun is gone when you can't take part! Next time get dressed and go! Hugs!
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    Why? The only thing that holds you back is yourself. I go shopping with my wife, or my daughters, and just buy anything I want. No one in the store can, nor wants to interfere with your life or your choices. Really they just don't care. The SA's just want to do their job and collect your money, not inforce some imagined social code of conduct that says men can't buy a dress or nmkeup. This forum is full of stories of how easy it is to shop, and it's true.
    What made it a bad trip for you was you. The rules that prevent you from shopping are self imposed.

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    My wife and I shop together. Sometimes I get more and other times she gets more. Is it because you are afraid to try things on?

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    I know precisely how you feel. I run into my limitations all too soon when in drab.

    Being dressed is better. There are still limitations, but at lease I can express myself a bit more.
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    Like previous posters have noted, take that chance and just go shopping! Honestly, there will always be those with judgments but really who cares! It's your life; live it for you! Change starts with you! Much love and light.

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    How well I know that feeling. Life is rushing by and my sense of responsibility is getting in the way. Sometimes, it is very depressing to try to not act interested.

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    Evidently that is irrelevant
    Peoople have ups and downs. the key to getting back up from one of those days is to remind yourself of just how many things you have to be grateful for. You listed them in your last couple of sentences: a loving and supportive wife and family to name a couple. Be grateful that you got to go shopping with your wife. But next time, don't let the crowds deter you from really shopping - there's surprising safety and anonymnity in numbers.

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