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Thread: The Buzz is Gone

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    Yes, there are times for everything. I did not get the buzz that a young crossdresser might experience as i began late, and it probably was fleeting, so I cannot miss it or even realize it is gone. I am comfortable in my dressing and recognition of my female side. i am free to wear or not wear feminine clothing. With time I will become at ease with the day to day performance of my duties while en femme. I am young and unsure of myself, even though I know who I am. We have only recently been introduced, and I am getting to know my new friend, and the buzz is gone.

    He (she) who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance.
    - Friedrich Nietzche -
    I may never get to fly like the other girls, but I do so want to dance, so I continue to climb.

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    Thanks to everyone for their contributions here (and to the ones who posted while I was getting my beauty sleep). It's one of the good things about this forum--that whatever your experience, others can relate to it. To buzz or not to buzz, that was the question. People have answered it differently, but we all know what we're on about.

    Best wishes, Annabelle

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