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Thread: How would you rate your City/State/Country on CD/TG Issues

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    Heels and jeans rule! Rachael Turner's Avatar
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    Orlando, Florida
    Orlando as a whole about an 8.5. City is a huge melting pot with a large LGBT community downtown. People are pretty laid back and generally accepting. Ive never had a problem and I'm in the mainstream.

    Florida outside the major cities is about a 4. It can get a little sketchy in the outskirts.

    US is a 4 at most. Probably 3-3.5.

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    Winston-Salem, NC
    Well, My city, Winston-Salem I'll rate about a 3. It's just not a very acceptaing place in a state that in general outside of a few places that is firmly in the Bible Belt.
    North Carolina as a whle I would give a 5, possibly a 6. That is heavily weighted by Charlotte, Ralleigh-Durham and Asheville. Outside of those ares and Greensboro it can be a bit touchy at times.
    The US, I'll give a 5. There are some wonderful ares, and some that would run me back into my closet faster than a thunderstorm when I was 3.

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    waimate new zealand

    Down under New Zealand rate at 8 overall, north isl about 7 , south isl about 9 the west coast of the south isl is very open minded a 10.

    i have been all over the south isl & the people 90 % dont seem to have a problem .

    Timaru north of us 1 / 2 an hour 38.000 people & Oamaru south of us 1 / 2 an hour 15.000 people have been very accepting of my self so we have many friends,

    Waimate under 3.500 people have known us for 15 years, rated more than 10.

    Being known for a long time has made things very different & no friends have walked away. in fact we have many new friends as well .

    I would say 3 % dont accept because of thier own issues, you may think iv rated us as to high not from where i stand, or live,


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    Cindi, Why is asking Jessica why she does not move back being thin skinned?

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    Southwest USA
    Well, I'll rate my state a 2. Heck, it's New Mexico, for crying out loud! You'll not find a more backwater, ignorant, unenlightened state anywhere. My local urban area is a bit better by comparison to the rest of the state, but please! This place is a dump that was never meant for human life.

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    South St Paul, Minnesota

    Re: How would you rate your City/State/Country on CD/TG Issues

    Minnesota probably outside of the twin cities maybe 7? Twin cities area around a 8. Minnesota was the first state to have a 'transgender law'. Reason for a 8 rating is some employers will not allow one to dress in their 'desired gender'.

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    Ft Lauderdale Fl
    I travel the Eastern Seaboard and spend most of my time in New England,or home in Florida,while doing long term marine projects[boat conversions]. When boy work is done for the day,Rogina is out and about everywhere,doing everyday things in the mainstream world.I am blendable,and "pull it off"pretty well,so the big drama stuff rarely happens...but I hold my ground with a thick skin and smile when it does. I have yet to encounter a Tranny hating vigilante group with torches and pitchforks like they may have in rural Kansas..LOL. So,South Florida I give an 8 to and Northeast Florida[where we lived previously]I give a 3 to..And,I blame that on the Bible thumpers. In New England,colleges seem to be the controlling factor. Areas of young and educated people are accepting [give them an 8] while the country bumkins,coastal Maine people included,are about the same as the "Thumpers" in N Florida.So,I give them a 4.. College cities are great,in general.Sometimes it is just plain fun to venture where they think a T person is from another planet. If an area supports a Unitarian Church,then I think you will find acceptance,on that note,there aren't many UU churches South of the Mason Dixon line..LOL

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    in the sticks in middle tn.
    LET'S SEE,
    The U.S. would be a 5
    Tennessee would be a 3
    the small hick-town where I live would be a -2!
    I have to take into consideration the fact that this is the heart to the bible belt, and a lot of those folks still have their blinders on, or just don't want to open their minds to the 21st century.

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    Platinum Member Beverley Sims's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    DizzyLand Los Angeles Beverley was here.
    I like the diverse comments about the same cities and states.
    Hawaii 7
    San Franscisco 8
    Los Angeles 6
    Seattle 7
    Chicago 5
    Washington DC4
    London UK 8
    North UK 6
    Southern UK 4
    Munich 4
    Berlin 7
    Amsterdam 8 They even sell grass in the shops in plastic bags.
    Paris 5
    Norway 7
    Other parts of Europe 3 to 5
    This is not really a measure of acceptance but a measure of how comfortable I felt wandering around dressed.
    Not too sure of various laws around the country side so I was overly cautious most of the time.
    I was interested in New Zealand statistics as I would put them thus.
    Auckland 6
    Wellington 4
    Christchurch 3
    Waimate 3 I place that as a small town like Invercargill, Nelson.
    Rotorua 6
    Greymouth 2 Too many westerners there. Like Southern US.
    New Plymouth 3
    Invercargill 3 Too far South
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    Columbus, Ohio
    Interesting survey, Not real objective, but does allow us all to give our feelings about where we live and visit.

    Columbus, Ohio I feel is more open and progressive then most communities across the US, and also Ohio, so I give it a #6. Like so many others have said, it really depends on where you go and how you present yourself.

    The State of Ohio is more like a 3-4 in my opinion.

    The United States is a very open in some areas, mostly larger cities, and conservative as a "John Burch" convention in other parts of the country.

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    Western Washington
    For legal concerns Washington State is at least a nine. I only rate it a nine because other municipalities are a ten for legal protection and rights. As to the general public I'd say 'discretion is the better part of valor.' You can always find a totally accepting club rating a ten, but, I would not suggest going into one of the local 'biker' friendly taverns.

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    My area is a big 0 i have to drive hours away to find any remote chance of accepptabilty .
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    Nov 2010
    South East (UK)
    Strange but true!.........the landlord of my local pub in Kent, was hounded out, because he welcomed Gay/Bi/CD/TG's alike

    The odd thing is that we have a licensed sex shop in the same high street and I know for a fact the owner got less objections to planning permission than ANYWHERE else she set-up!!!!...double standards or what?

    I live 30 miles from London (the most cosmopolitan city in Europe), and 30 miles from Brighton (the gay capital of the South East). But I live in an affluent, middle class, conservative town (PS I'm neither of the aforementioned)........very low scoring on the tolerance grade

    The sad truth is that most people don't care what you do behind closed doors, just don't step outside.

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    Sussex, UK
    Supporting SallyS, I live 20 miles from Brighton which I would still only give a 5 to. Gay is accepted but cd is not. Most of the uk I would give a 2 at best. Lots of youths only too happy to bash a tranny! Lots of work in the uk to get rid of main stream anti-gay sentiments but nothing about cding. Strange, but man in drag is accepted more than trying to pass as a woman.

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    United States - 5

    Idaho - 1 , because it is one of 2 states which will not allow a post op transsexual to amend their gender marker on their birth certificate, and it requires SRS in order to change the gender marker on your state ID. It also lacks any protection against discrimination for gender identity. But the scenery is nice, the air is clean, and the fishing is good!

    My small town in Idaho - 8 , Some shock at first, but overall people here have been very accepting of me.

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    Boulder, Co!
    the advantage of living in Boulder, Colorado is I can have smooth legs and arms with out a second look as cycling USA. Utli kilts are also acceptable like in seattle however im not so sure the police here would be so accepting. They are horrible at tolerance all over colorado. im sure if i went out dressed, its the police I would worry about more than the citizens.
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    May 2012
    Hi, I'm new here and I just moved to boulder co as well.
    So do you have problems with the police here if you dress and go out late late night?
    I actually have the same fears for the police more than citizens.

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    South Jersey
    I don't go out fully dressed, but often wear makeup and/or nail polish and feminine attire, so I am obviously transgressing, and I never get any heat. Therefore I would give the South Jersey/Philadelphia area a 10.
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